Friday, Mar 10 2017

Do Coding Boot Camps Really Provide a Value?

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Coding Boot Camps


Almost any individual who has taken some time to research how to enter the lucrative field associated with coding has likely heard about coding boot camps. Typically, these are intensive forms of hands-on training that promise to provide you with the skills in you need in a relatively short amount of time. However, they can be costly and generally require a significant time investment to complete (though much less than a formal college degree).


Determining whether a boot camp offers the right value depends on your specific needs. To help you determine if one might be right for you, here are some major points to consider.

Focused Education

A boot camp is a highly focused form of education and is considered a fairly immersive experience. Unlike many college degrees, you won’t be dividing your time between coding classes and a range of other subjects. Instead, you will essentially live and breathe coding for a period of time. The approach can be helpful for those who haven’t pursued a college degree due to weaknesses in a subject unrelated to technology as it eliminates the requirement.


Additionally, the lack of extraneous coursework means your education will take less time that even many vocational schools. It isn’t uncommon for a coding boot camp to last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, which is much shorter than options offered through almost any other institution.

Direct Support

The fast-paced nature of a coding boot camp often requires a fair amount of support to be available at all times. This means that well-designed courses provide access to instructors who possess a strong skill set and are able to share it with others. Additionally, some boot camps can be fairly small in regards to the number of participants, and smaller class sizes make it easier to get one-on-one help the need arises.


However, to get the most value out of these classes, you need to be technically inclined and a fairly fast learner. Otherwise, it is easy to fall behind. And these classes don’t wait for those who need additional time to nail down a concept.

No Regulation, No Guarantees

It is important to note that coding boot camps are regulated as of this time. That means you aren’t guaranteed to cover the same material from one boot camp to the next. Additionally, the quality of the experience may vary dramatically. If you are interested in attending a boot camp, take the time to research multiple options before committing. That way you can increase your odds of selecting one that offers a strong value for the money.


Additionally, there are no guarantees you will find a job immediately after completing the work. While many of the stronger boot camps do offer career support, there is no way of knowing how long it will actually take to secure employment.


However, you can increase your odds of finding opportunities by working with an IT recruiter, such as those from The Armada Group. Contact us today and explore the coding positions that may be available to you.