Monday, Sep 03 2018

Why We Need to Shift Our Thinking About Managing Device Security

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Device Security


Today, there may be more devices connected to the internet than there are people walking the planet. That means there are billions and billions of objects heading online each and every day, and every one of them could potentially represent a vulnerability.


Many consumers view devices like smart thermostats as innocuous. However, once they are in place, the ae connected to a network, creating a cybersecurity risk if the device isn’t properly managed.


As more companies embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices to improve their operations, neglecting to focus on device security means your business is also vulnerable. Instead of seeing these pieces of tech as harmless additions, the need to be considered potential points of entry into your network, ensuring you maintain the proper mindset to keep your systems and data safe.


If you haven’t focused on securing your devices, here are some tips for getting started.


Manage Your Device Updates

A surprising number of internet-connected devices require regular updates. However, these aren’t always performed automatically, leading many of them to remain in the original state for months or years on end.


For example, many vehicles that support internet connectivity may need updates to maintain optimal operations. Sensors, barcode scanners, thermostats, and a range of other devices are in similar positions.


Without proper update procedures, you won’t receive any patches that enhance the security of the device by closing known vulnerabilities. This means you could be at risk if an out of date device remains on your network, even if it doesn’t do anything but maintain a connection.



Automate Security Event Log Reviews

Many companies are inundated with security events. Every time an employee mistypes their password, the incident is logged for review. If a tablet shifts between access points in your workplace, that could result in an entry. And, if a smartphone suddenly seems to appear in a different country, that is another event.


Ultimately, not every event signals a problem, but, if your company gets thousands of events in a single day, having a person separate those that correlate with a genuine security incident from those that don’t may be cumbersome, if not impossible.


Luckily, if you embrace AI, you can use a machine to supplement the work of people. They can seek out specific kinds of incidents, flagging them for further review, or determine whether a device's movements or actions are expected or cause for concern.


Ultimately, by assuming a security mindset and supplementing with AI technology, you can manage your devices more effectively, ensuring your systems remain secure and your data stays safe.


If you are interested in learning more about managing device security or are seeking a skilled professional to join your IT security staff, the team at The Armada Group can help. Contact us to discuss your security needs and goals with one of our experienced staff members today and see how our services can benefit you.