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What You Need to Do to Stand Out as an IT Project Manager

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What You Need to Do to Stand Out as an IT Project Manager


If you have your eye on an IT project manager position, you know you need to stand out from other candidates. Often, every job seeker who is invited in for an interview has a similar amount of experience and comparable skill set. As a result, you can’t rely on those alone if you want to make a stellar impression on the hiring manager and land the job.

Luckily, there are things you can do to differentiate yourself from the pack. If you want to stand out as an IT project manager candidate, here are some tips that can help.

Think Stories, Not Answers

During an interview, it is always better to show than to tell. If you want to be viewed as a top candidate, you can’t just say that you know something, you need to provide a clear example that showcases what you have to offer.

Before your interview, research the kinds of questions you may face. Next, consider your past accomplishments and see if one may relate to that question. Then, use that to inspire your answer.

Ideally, you want to cover specific points in your story-based response. Begin by outlining the project, task, or problem. After that, explain how you used your skills and expertise to handle the work or address the issue. Finally, describe the end result. And, whenever possible, quantify the details as you go, as that is often more impactful.


Understand the Problem

In most cases, companies hire a new employee to solve a particular challenge. This can include anything from increasing the size of their staff to support greater growth, bringing on skills that aren’t present in their existing workforce, or handling a project that benefits the organization.

When you are interviewing for an IT project manager vacancy, determine which problem the role is meant to solve. Then, you can present yourself as a solution, framing your experience and skills in a way that shows you provide value in a way that directly relates to the issue the company needs to overcome.

This approach allows you to focus on the company’s needs while discussing what you bring to the table. It makes your responses more relevant to the hiring manager, as you aren’t focusing solely on yourself but on how you can be a vehicle for greater organizational success.


Ask Thoughtful Questions

At the end of an interview, you almost always have a chance to ask the hiring manager questions. By asking the right ones, you can stand out from other candidates.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, ask the hiring manager to describe a typical day in the role. This lets you learn more about the pace of the workplace and various duties you may need to handle.

You can also see if the hiring manager has any concerns about your skills or experience that are preventing them from viewing you as a top candidate. Then, you get a chance to address those points directly, potentially relieving any doubts that may prevent them from offering you the job.


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