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What Skills are Necessary for a Top Network Administrator Salary?

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What Skills do Top Network Administrators Need


Over recent years, the networking field has changed dramatically. Thanks to technology that has led many companies to shift away from on-premises infrastructure and servers, network administrators have to adapt if they want to achieve the highest salary possible.


While certain fundamental skills always provide value, new additions are also necessary if you want to reach the upper echelons of compensation. If you want to know which skills can help you achieve your goal, here are a few that should be on your radar.


Cloud Solutions

Since companies are increasingly relying on cloud solutions, network administrators need skills that align with the technology. Typically, cloud-based servers need to be integrated into the organization’s environment, requiring specific infrastructure changes and other adjustments to the overall approach to IT. Additionally, being able to effectively evaluate solutions to see if they can meet a company’s needs is similarly essential.


In many cases, earning a certification that covers networking and the cloud, such as the Cisco Certified Network Professional – Cloud certification, you can show that you have the proper skills to work in a cloud-oriented environment. This can help you stand out from other network administrators who may not have delved into the technology, increasing the odds that your salary offering will be highly competitive.



While not every company embraces BYOD, many do. Network administrators need to know how to contend with employees’ personal devices and how to make sure that the network remains secure.


Often, this means familiarizing oneself with mobile device management (MDM) or similar platforms that provide the necessary protections and capabilities. This allows you to enforce user authentication requirements, remotely wipe missing devices to protect company systems and data, and separate personal and professional data and accounts.


As the workforce continues to become increasingly mobile, being prepared for BYOD and its related concerns can help you stand out. Plus, the skills are often beneficial even in companies that only support company-owned devices, as the approach to management is often similar, though less cumbersome.


Creativity and Flexibility

As the workplace evolves, the role of the network administrator shifts along with it. Without creativity and flexibility, you might not be viewed as a competent professional who is able to adapt when the need arises.


Similarly, creativity and problem-solving often go hand-in-hand. Network administrators have to deal with complex systems to ensure resiliency and the integrity of the network, and being able to solve problems effectively goes a long way in that regarding.


Are You Looking for Your Next Network Administrator Contract?

By possessing the skills above, you can increase your odds of achieving a top salary as a network administrator. If you’d like to learn more about how you can excel in the field or are seeking out new opportunities, the knowledgeable team at The Armada Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our industry specialists today and see how our network administration expertise can benefit your career.