Monday, Jul 10 2017

What’s New with Android?

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When many people think of Android, their minds automatically focus on smartphones and their range of apps. While these small pieces of software certainly play a big role in the lives of many, there is much more to be excited about in the world of Android. One of the developments that is worthy of extra attention is the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) arena. With this technology, anything on the web can become part of the app store, allowing our phones to do so much more than ever before.


The Chrome OS is known for being an internet-heavy solution, and the adoption of new web standards is beginning to make even more information accessible at the click of a button, or tap of an icon. Here’s what you need to know.

More Than a Bookmark

At first glance, the icons created with PWA technology seem like a basic bookmark, providing quick access to commonly accessed content. However, they now bring more power into the equation, allowing for the creation of instant apps that operate on-demand but don’t require you to download anything onto your device.


These apps operate in a web browser but give you a fuller experience. This means you can play games, access complex web-based software applications, or take advantage of VR entertainment without committing valuable megabytes to the task.


A web-based app can also better leverage cloud-based technologies. For example, messaging can operate similar to traditional apps, allowing you to receive notifications and communicate instantly. It can also be easily connected to other files and programs, letting you connect with information stored in servers from across the world.

Where This Technology Will Take Us

Ultimately, the goal is to blur the line between apps from the Play Store and those created using the PWA standards. This allows for a harmonious user experience for any kind of application accessed with Android.


It will also ensure users who also favor Chrome OS and the Chrome browser get a consistent feel regardless of the system they use. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops will all exhibit new similarities, lowering the learning curve when using a new device and increasing user comfort overall. This can be especially beneficial in business environments where not every employee is as tech-savvy as the next, allowing those who are less familiar with technology to more easily adapt when new devices are provided to facilitate their work.


While this solution is still very much in development, the potential for it to make our work and personal lives easier to already apparent, especially when it comes to managing available memory and creating a user-friendly tech environment.


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