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What Programming Language Do Your Developers Hate the Most?

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While every developer has their most and least favorite programming languages, not every company knows which ones are predominately despised by the community as a whole. But, a recent survey provides some insight into the topic, showing which languages the vast majority of developers would just assume avoid.


In total, more than 100,000 developers responded to the survey, so the information can be considered at least reasonably reliable. If you are wondering which programming languages are hated most by developers, here’s what you need to know.


Visual Basic 6

The programming language that was considered the most dreaded option was Visual Basic 6. Approximately 89.9 percent of survey respondents identified an extreme dislike for the language.


Ultimately, Visual Basic is moving toward obsolescence, so many developers aren’t excited to work with a language that is largely seen as dying.



Coming in second was COBOL with 84.1 percent of developers saying they hated this language.


COBOL has been around for nearly 60 years, so there isn’t a lot of excitement surrounding the language, leading to a fall in popularity. Additionally, companies that still use the language might be viewed as behind the times, as there are certainly more robust options available today.




With 82.7 percent of developers indicating a dislike for the language, CoffeeScript came in third on the list.


In some cases, the preference to stay away from CoffeeScript is based on already knowing how to use JavaScript or another language that can accomplish the same tasks. Since CoffeeScript isn’t as widely used, some developers may be reluctant to learn a new language that doesn’t result in a meaningful transferable skill (when compared to the prevalence of other languages). That means they would sooner avoid it than have to deal with it.



Rounding out the top four was VB.NET with 80.9 percent. Some consider VB.NET and the VB variants difficult to use, while others simply prefer to use the C# language, as it can accomplish similar tasks.


Additionally, VB.NET uses a different syntax than C#, which can be frustrating for developers. And, since their libraries are effectively identical, many don’t see the justification for learning a new language from the library calls perspective.


Plus, VB.NET does not have certain functions, like multi-line lambdas, that some developers rely on regularly, which can make using VB.NET particularly frustrating.


What Languages Do Developers Love?

There are certain languages that developers love to use. Currently, Rust is at the top of the list, based on the survey results, followed by Kotlin, Python, and TypeScript.


While certain languages may be considered hated by many, that doesn’t mean certain developers don’t love them. However, if you are filling a developer position, be aware that requiring a despised language may make it harder to secure top talent for the role.


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