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What Every iOS Developer Should Know

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What Every iOS Developer Should Know

Whether your goal is to launch a career as an iOS developer or you are already working in the field, having the right skills is critical. Today, app developers are in demand. However, those with strong skills in certain areas will often stand out from the crowd, allowing them to start or further their careers with greater ease.


If you are a current or aspiring iOS developer, here’s a look at the skills you need if you want to thrive in these roles.


When it comes to iOS development, the Swift programming language is essential. Apple created it specifically for use in building iOS apps. As a result, you can’t avoid learning it if you want to make apps for Apple products.

Makes sure you are comfortable with various aspects of Swift, including the basic syntax, classes, inheritance, error handling, and if and switch statements. Ideally, having a solid understanding of Objective-C interoperability should be a priority for iOS developers as well, as Objective-C is still in use.



Today, user experience (UX) is a major consideration in the development world. As a result, you need to factor in how a user will interact with an app once it is opened on a specific device, like an iPhone or Apple Watch. UX is part art (design) and part science (functionality), though it also requires a reasonable amount of knowledge regarding the app’s target audience, as not all segments of the population have the same preferences and needs.



Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a popular method for organizing a developer’s code. In the simplest terms, it’s about creating sections within your code that serve specific purposes. For example, one code segment focuses on holding data while another concentrates on the visual aspects of the app.

With MVC, your code is cleaner and well-organized. As a result, it’s easier to find specific functions within your code for future updates. Plus, if you share your code with others, they will have an easier time navigating it as well.


Data Management

As an iOS developer, you need to have a reasonable understanding of data management. Every app in existence stores, retrieves, and displays data, often updating it based on user actions. As a result, you need to have knowledge of data storage, presentation, and retrieval systems. This includes expertise in how iOS apps interact with the internet and retrieve data over networks, as very few apps aren’t connected in some form or fashion. Usually, the networking aspects require an understanding of JSON, so that should be on your must-learn list as well.


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