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Ways You Can Stay on Top of Emerging Technology Trends

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Ways You Can Stay on Top of Emerging Technology Trends

Most IT professionals would benefit from staying on top of emerging technology trends. By doing so, you are ensuring your field- and industry-related knowledge remains current. Trend-awareness allows you to take certain actions that benefit your career. For example, you can identify potential disruptors and acquire skills that relate to those emerging technologies, enhancing the value of your skillset. Alternatively, you can alert your employer to new tech that may benefit the organization, allowing them to remain ahead of the competition.


Staying on top of emerging technology trends doesn’t have to be challenging. Here are a few ways that you can get going right away.

Follow Technology News

Tech news organizations frequently discuss emerging trends. The information is relevant to their audience, so they not only share details about the technologies but also often serve as thought leaders in the tech space, sharing their insights about what one could expect or the potential impact of the trend.

Look for industry publications that align with your specialty area or that cover technology overall. Then, sign up for emails, follow them on social media, or otherwise make it easy to stay abreast of new articles they publish.


Dig into Research Reports

Research reports are great resources when you want to take a deeper dive into a particular topic. You can learn about the adoption of available technologies or various features, interest in newer tech, and the likelihood of widespread adoption, as well as emerging technology that is just starting to mature enough to become viable solutions.

By reading research reports, you’ll typically gain a stronger understanding of a topic than you would be reading traditional news articles. This makes them particularly helpful if you are trying to determine if a trend is a fad or has the potential for longevity, allowing you to make smart decisions at work and with your career.


Sign Up for Solution Emails

Most tech platforms and solution providers offer people the ability to receive announcement emails. By signing up, you can learn about new features and development activities with ease, as these messages will go straight to your inbox.

Plus, while these are incredibly handy for solutions you already use, you can also take advantage of these emails to keep tabs on what other companies are offering their customers. This ensures you have the biggest picture of what is happening in relevant parts of the tech industry, regardless of whether you or your company uses a product right now.


Create a Knowledge-Sharing Circle

Since you most likely work as part of a team, consider creating a knowledge-sharing circle with your coworkers. Whenever you come across an article of interest, send a link to the resource or discuss it with your colleagues, and ask them to do the same. This allows you to divide-and-conquer, increasing your cumulative knowledge, and ensuring everyone stays aware of intriguing trends.


Stay On Top of Emerging Tech Trends with The Armada Group

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