Thursday, Oct 24 2019

Tips for Women Who Want to Launch a Career in the Tech Industry

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The tech world may still be male-dominated, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of women who want to pursue careers in the industry. Plus, women can be incredibly successful after launching a career in tech, especially if they use the right approach. 

If you are a woman who wants to work in the tech industry, here are some tips that can help you kickstart your career and keep it moving forward.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions 

Some women in tech shy away from asking questions while at work because they fear that it harms their credibility. However, by asking smart and thoughtful questions, you are doing yourself a favor. Not only are you ensuring that you fully understand the topic being discussed, but you can also position yourself as a curious professional who wants to learn and grow. 

Plus, you’ll be setting yourself up for greater success in the long run. Since you’ll thoroughly understand expectations and assignments by clarifying any spots that aren’t clear before you begin, you increase your odds of being able to do exceptional work. 


Grow Your Network (and Find a Mentor) 

Your professional network is incredibly valuable. The connections you make can help you find out about new opportunities, offer you support during challenging times, or be a sounding board when you are struggling with a decision. 

However, it’s also wise to go beyond your professional network. By finding a mentor, you can craft a strong relationship with someone who can guide you on a deeper level and provide you with insights that can help you shape your ideal career. Look for another tech professional who you respect and admire and work to create a strong connection. Then, see if they would be open to mentoring you. 


Broaden Your Skills and Visibility with Project Work 

Women may be less likely to ask to be put on projects that are outside of their comfort zone. At times, this is because they aren’t confident they are ideal for the role, even if they think they could provide value or pick up the needed skills quickly. However, by avoiding these opportunities, you limit your growth. As a result, it is better to request the chance to work on a project that stretches you than to take a step back and let someone else get that opportunity uncontested. 


Never Stop Learning 

Technology changes rapidly. As a tech professional, keeping your skills current and learning about emerging trends if critical for your long-term success. By integrating learning into your journey at all times, you ensure that what you bring to the table remains relevant. Plus, it can even help you stand out from other professionals, making it easier to keep your career moving forward. 


Find Out More About How to Succeed in the Tech Industry as a Woman

Ultimately, each of the tips above can make it easier for women to succeed in the tech industry. If you’d like to find out more, the staff at The Armada Group can help. Contact usto discuss your questions with a member of our team today and see how our tech career planning expertise can benefit you.