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The 10 IT Jobs That Will Likely be the Most In-Demand For 2020

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The 10 IT Jobs That Will Likely be the Most In Demand for 2020

The world of technology changes quickly, and new skill sets become critical to an organization’s success frequently. Plus, tech is becoming increasingly ingrained in nearly every industry, bringing IT workers into workplaces that previously had little, if any, onsite tech pros.

In 2020, companies are going to be actively seeking out skilled IT professionals to boost their capabilities. With that in mind, here are ten IT jobs that are likely to be in-demand during the next year.

1. Computer Vision Engineer

As more technologies work to successfully detect, track, and classify objects, the need for computer vision engineers will only go up. This profession has grown steadily for more than five years, and competition for talent is going to be fierce.

2. Machine Learning Engineer

Companies in a wide variety of industries are implementing solutions that make use of machine learning. Machine learning engineers ensure that these systems are properly programmed, making them a critical part of this expansion.

3. Network Analyst

As IoT becomes more common in the workplace, organizations need additional network analysts to support the integration of the technology. Otherwise, issues with network traffic could be detrimental to the business.

4. Security Analyst

The number of cybersecurity threats grows on a daily basis. Plus, the ramifications of a breach can be devastating for companies, so most make securing their systems and data a priority. As a result, the demand for security analysts won’t diminish any time soon.

5. Cloud Engineer

Companies continue to move systems to the cloud, including many that are business-critical and accessed consistently throughout the day. Plus, multi-vendor and hybrid arrangements are increasingly common. This leads to an increase in demand for cloud engineers, as organizations need specialists who can integrate systems and solutions.

6. App Developer

Practically everyone has a smartphone in their pocket today. This has led to the rise of both consumer and business apps, ensuring people can access information and complete certain tasks entirely through mobile devices. App developers are critical for making that happen, so businesses will continue to seek out professionals with that skill set.

7. Business Intelligence Analyst

When it comes to gathering data from a variety of sources and developing insights that can help a company excel, having a talented business intelligence (BI) analyst on staff is a must. This specialty has been on a growth path in recent years, and that’s unlikely to change in 2020.

8. DevOps Lead

As more companies embrace DevOps, they’ll need skilled professionals capable of leading these teams. With an experienced DevOps lead, businesses can increase efficiency, allowing them to outpace the competition, so the demand for these tech pros will remain high.

9. Database Administrator

For a company to succeed in a data-driven world, they need talented database administrators. Without them, they can’t make the most of their information, so organizations often make finding these professionals a priority.

10. User Support Specialist

As technology becomes a bigger part of company operations, employees will need access to support, particularly during transition phases. Since user support specialists can provide workers with the necessary guidance, companies will continue to seek these pros out.

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