Thursday, Nov 30 2017

Should Your Company Unify Its Social Media Channels?

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Many businesses still struggle when it comes to maximizing the benefits associated with social media. While many companies have prioritized it as a tool for marketing, its ability to provide you with valuable data shouldn’t be ignored. Often, simply collecting all of that information isn’t easy, let alone benefiting from the insights. Add to that the demands of content management, and it’s no wonder companies feel overwhelmed. However, by unifying your social media channels into a single data repository under one ID, you can position your organization for success. Here’s what you need to know.


Simplified Management

By unifying your channels, you are giving yourself an opportunity to simplify the management of your accounts. For example, you can have the user IDs unified into a single user ID (SID) so that you can access all of your social media accounts through a single login.


Additionally, you can determine precisely what information should be shared through your channels, set privacy controls, and even decide which content you want brought into data repositories. This streamlines your efforts by providing you with the additional level of control you need, while limiting the amount of hands-on work that is required to get the job done.


Cloud-Based Solution

Often, one of the biggest concerns about data management is focused on storage. The unified options usually implement a cloud-based data repository, ensuring you don’t have to dedicate internal resources to the task and providing you with a level of scalability. Additionally, the data is highly accessible, making it a strong option for distributed teams and supporting a mobile workforce.


Is It Right for You?

The biggest question regarding whether unifying your social media channels is the right move focuses on what you intend to do with the data. If, as a company, you don’t anticipate using it for analytics, this might not be necessary. However, if it aligns with your big data strategy, making the move can be highly beneficial.


Additionally, if there is the potential for a unified approach to improve certain business processes, the concept is worth exploring. And, if you anticipate greater results based on your ability to review the data, defining those expectations to see if they align with what the solution actually offers can provide additional clarity.


Currently, we are at the forefront of truly harnessing social media for business development. This means we are being presented with new technologies that can help you leverage the data to your benefit while streamlining your processes. If you haven’t revisited your social media strategy in some time or haven’t defined how this data fits into your larger objective, now is the time to take a look and see if solutions like unifying your social media channels are right for you.


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