Wednesday, Jun 21 2017

Is Tech Burnout the New Normal?

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Many businesses are in the position of having to push their tech teams harder than ever thanks to low unemployment among IT professionals and an increasing dependence on technology. As the pressure placed on these workers mount, carrying such a heavy burden often takes a toll on morale and puts many at risk of reach full-blown burnout.


Tech employees have found themselves working longer hours to ensure critical tasks are completed in a timely fashion. If a pattern of extra hours develops, members of the IT teams may find themselves growing resentful and battling exhaustion, causing job satisfaction and productivity both to plummet.


Even as many IT departments face the challenges associated with being short staffed, that doesn’t mean burnout has to be the new norm for these skilled professionals. Here are some methods you can begin using today to keep your tech talent working at their best even during challenging times.

Make Accurate Time Tracking a Priority

A recent poll of tech professionals suggests that more than 20 percent of your IT workforce might be underreporting the number of hours they work. This means management could be unaware of growing problems in the department while also making it difficult for them to properly allocate vital resources and personnel to alleviate the strain. By making time tracking a priority, leadership knows how much time workers are spending doing critical tasks, allowing you to intervene in the most effective way when the opportunity to rebalance the workload arises.

Support Downtime

When workers are trying to do more with less, many feel pressured to maintain an “always on” lifestyle, sacrificing personal time and skipping vacation to meet workplace objectives. In some cases, workers take this stance even if it isn’t a spoken requirement, believing that management expects them to dedicate every possible hour to the job. And, the longer they maintain this work style, the easier it is to reach burnout.


To combat the feeling of always being on the clock, make sure your team understands the company understands their need for downtime. Consider placing limits on the use of technology after hours, allowing your workers to set down the constant connection to email and other work tasks. Additionally, make sure there isn’t a stigma associated with taking paid time off so your employees can feel secure whenever they need to take a break.

Express Appreciation

When your staff is burning the candle at both ends, taking the time to acknowledge their hard work and dedication can have a significant impact on morale. Make sure recognition is part of your company’s culture by encouraging managers to show appreciation for the work being completed and by arranging some larger recognition events to show your staff they contributions are valued. Everything from a sincere “thank you” to a formal employee appreciation day can go a long way when it comes to fighting burnout among your ranks, and they are often easy to implement in any environment.


By using some of the recommendations above, you can help keep your employees happy even if there is an occasional demand for extra hours. If you would like to alleviate the strain on your IT department by bringing in additional skilled professionals, The Armada Group can connect you with some of today’s top talent. Contact us to see how our services can help you bring in the right tech pros to improve the performance and morale of your team today.