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If a High Salary Drives You, Try a Career as a Database Administrator

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If a High Salary Drives You Try a Career as a Database Administrator


For some, the idea of having a large salary is what drives them to pursue a particular line of work. If you are looking for a lucrative career path, then opting to become a database administrator (DBA) might be a wise move. Here’s what you need to know.


How Do You Become a Database Administrator?

In most cases, if you want to become a DBA, you need to start with formal education. Learning about database theory and design, the various programming languages, storage technologies, networking, and other required skills is usually best addressed while earning a college degree. Plus, most employers require at least a Bachelor’s from job candidates, it not a Master’s.


However, if you want to see if you would enjoy the work before signing up to earn a degree, there are a lot of online courses that can help you get started in database administration, allowing you to gain foundational skills and understanding before you commit. Just understand that these are often insufficient if you want to launch your career in the field, though they will help you get your feet wet.


Certifications can also boost your earnings potential. For example, getting certified in IBM or Oracle technologies can lead to higher salary offers.


Similarly, an understanding of related cloud technologies can be beneficial. Companies are increasingly shifting to the cloud to experience the cost-savings, have access to more resources or easier scalability, and even enhanced security.


A long-term willingness to learn is also essential. The world of database administration has changed dramatically over recent years thanks to the introduction of technologies like the cloud, Hadoop, and even improved analytics. If you are not willing to adapt to the changing landscape when the need arises, you will have trouble thriving in the field.


How Much Does a Database Administrator Make?

While DBA salaries can vary depending on the level of experience required, the size of the company, and the exact skill set the person needs to bring to the table, landing a six-figure position is not out of the question. In fact, the average DBA salary in San Francisco comes in right around the $100,000 mark, and those with substantial experience or in-demand skills can even earn close to $150,000.


Even entry-level DBA positions can come with livable salaries. Finding an offer around $60,000 with no more than the needed education is possible, especially in the Silicon Valley area.


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