Friday, Jul 21 2017

How to Plan an Influencer Marketing Campaign That Will Boost Your Brand

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Social media bred new methods for reaching potential customers and loyal consumers of your product. Businesses began posting about new offerings, providing links to relevant news pieces, and even communicating with product or service users directly. However, these platforms also created social media influencers; people who are connected to large audiences based on a particular niche or point of interest. And, once companies realized these influencers could provide brands access to their followers, a new form of influencer marketing was born.


Many businesses see the advantage of getting these influencers involved, as it provides a method to speak with a large, similarly minded audience while eliminating some of the complexity. But, for one of these campaigns to be successful, it requires more than just connecting with just any influencer. To help ensure your company is ready, here are some tips on how to plan an influencer marketing campaign that will boost your brand.

Pick the Right Influencer

Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean they are right for your brand. While certain social media stars have wide, diverse audiences, many consumers look to subject matter experts when considering the validity of product or service recommendations. This means you need to choose an influencer who is seen as a guiding voice for your target audience. Otherwise, you might not get the results you were hoping to see.

Find the Story

Social media users aren’t necessarily going to respond to a generic add, no matter who sends it out. If you want to connect with these people, you need to connect the brand to a story that gets their attention. This is one of the reasons why picking the right influencer is so critical as it helps ensure the story you’re telling is something their audience wants to hear. Then, you can expand beyond the basic commercial length snippet of information and truly extoll the virtues of what your product or service has to offer.

Get Creative

While a paid post might help you get some exposure, it isn’t necessarily going to obtain the level of attention a more exciting approach may, and it won’t necessarily be overly appealing for the influencer either. Instead, leverage what they have to offer and then connect your brand to a unique experience they can enjoy that highlights the virtues of your product.


For example, talking about a waterproof phone case isn’t all that enticing. However, a video where the influencer really puts it through its paces, such as keeping it in their pocket during a whitewater rafting trip (ensuring they take a full dunk along the way) might gain more attention.


The idea is to determine what about your brand needs highlighting and identifying a way to do if that also generates excitement based on the basic nature of the content. Then, your campaign becomes more shareable, allowing you to reach beyond even your influencers immediate audience.


By combining your brand with the right influencer, an appropriate audience, and a unique approach, you could have the formula for social media gold.


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