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How to Get Your Company to Pay for Certificates and Training

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How to Get Your Company to Pay for Certificates and Training


Many tech professionals are seeing their salaries plateau. However, it is still possible to keep moving up as long as you can acquire new skills and capabilities.

Certificates and training are often one of the clearest methods for advancing your tech career. But options like college courses, boot camps, training seminars, and similar approaches can be incredibly expensive. Luckily, getting your company to cover the cost can be a possibility, as long as you handle the matter appropriately.

If you want to get your employer to pay for certificates and training, here’s what you need to know.

Be Realistic About What is Actually Needed

Asking your company to foot the bill for a certification that isn’t a necessity for your role isn’t likely to work. After all, your employer needs to experience a gain if they are going to invest, so requesting a certification or training that doesn’t align with your position probably won’t be successful.

However, if your job is changing or a new skill is becoming critical for your position, you might have a solid case. Let your manager know how the certification or training will make you a more valuable employee today and can help the organization excel in the near future. Work to present a strong case with evidence showing how the information will lead to greater success or positively impacts the bottom line. By doing so, you might be able to get them to dedicate the funds.


Look at the Company’s Future

When you ask for certifications or training, your goal is to convince your employer to invest in you as an employee. If the company is starting to move in a new direction, change its core mission, or is expanding, you may have an easier time pleading your case.

As the company begins to shift, certain skills will be required. If you can fill a skill gap that is relevant to the organization’s changing needs and are a top performer, they may be inclined to provide you with certifications or training that can help them move closer toward their goals.


Make It About Them

While earning a certification or acquiring new skills benefits you as a professional, you don’t want the conversation to focus on you. Instead, you need to show a positive return on investment (ROI) for the company if they opt to pay for your professional development.

Consider how additional skills and capabilities allow you to bring more to the table. Then, examine how those abilities can either save the company money or help it bring more money into the organization. This allows you to outline a scenario where everyone wins. Plus, if you can clearly demonstrate the positive financial impact, you are showing value beyond enhancing your capabilities.

Ultimately, it is possible to get your company to pay for certifications and training. Just make sure you target the right option and can show how your enhanced skill set sets the company up for greater success. When you do, you increase the odds that your employer will say yes.


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