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How to Get the Most Out of Your Tech Mentorship

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How to Get the Most out of your Tech Mentorship


If you want to advance your tech career, having a mentor in your corner can make a world of difference. However, the mentor/mentee relationship only provides you with value if you work to make the most of it.

Being a great mentee involves more than just focusing on your needs and who you believe can help you reach your goals. Even though that is part of the equation, you also want to make sure certain things align to ensure that the relationship is strong and beneficial to both parties. If you're going to get the most out of your tech mentorship, here’s what you need to know.

Get Help to Find Your Best Match

While some mentor/mentee relationships happen organically, it isn’t uncommon to have to seek out this arrangement. Finding the right person to ask can be challenging, so getting some assistance can make the process easier.

Speak with a trusted friend or colleague about your desire to find a mentor. Discuss your needs, interests, and preferences, and ask them to make suggestions focused on mentors who may be a great fit. Not only does this give you access to an unbiased third-party who can assist with your search, but it may also allow you to access potential mentors who aren’t part of your network.


Focus on the Relationship

When you find a mentor, you are in a position to gain. However, if you focus solely on your wants and needs, the relationship can become incredibly lopsided, making it less valuable to everyone involved.

Instead of focusing on your goals, make crafting a strong relationship the priority. This means you need to give back to your mentor, allowing the connection to benefit both you and them. For example, if you follow a mentor’s advice, and it works out, let them know that their input helped you achieve success. Additionally, offer to provide them with assistance in situations where your knowledge or experience may help them work through a problem.

As you move forward, also never neglect common courtesies. Ask your mentor how they are, take notice when they have an achievement, and don’t shy away from small talk that can make the connection stronger.


Live Up to the Promise

When a professional takes on being your mentor and you step into the position of mentee, you are both making a promise. The mentor is committing their time and energy to help you grow and succeed, and you are committing to listening to their advice and putting effort into moving forward.

If you are not enthusiastic about the relationship or don’t take steps on your own that can help you advance, particularly when it is based on the mentor’s recommendations, your mentor may doubt your commitment. By being proactive, you are showing your mentor that you are worth mentoring. Plus, it may allow you to convert your mentor into a sponsor later, giving you a long-term advocate who will open professional doors and keep you moving toward your goals.


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