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How IBM is Using AI to Make a Big Comeback

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How IBM is Using AI to Make a Big Comeback


While IBM is certainly a tech giant by today’s standards, it isn’t the industry leader it once was in the eyes of many. While the company has been around since 1911 – showing that it is certainly doing many things right – IBM has lost some of its perceived sparkle, but it is working on getting it back.

In IBM’s research division, researchers work diligently to identify trends in the world of technology and help businesses adapt to what is coming. At one point, the company was also a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), though many newcomers later took over the spotlight, unseating the amazing development that was Watson.

However, IBM is striving to regain its AI crown, partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other universities to study and focus on emerging technology. Here is a closer look at how IBM is using AI to make its big comeback.

A Focus on Research

While IBM has a history of spotting trends, the company hasn’t always remained focused on research, causing it to lag behind its competitors. With the new partnership with MIT, the collaboration has made research a priority once again.

Every year, IBM puts out requests for proposals for each of its four research pillars (applied AI to industries, core AI algorithms, the physics of AI, and prosperity enabled by AI). As the projects are reviewed by a steering committee made of IBM and MIT members, those with the most promise are funded. The researchers also participate in the product research community, ensuring product road maps are executed properly. This helps all involved to gain deeper understandings of AI’s capabilities today as well as push boundaries, shaping what AI may be like in the future.


Collaborative Efforts

IBM isn’t trying to go down the AI path alone. Along with partnering with MIT, the company invited other corporations to join their MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab as members. While these other organizations aren’t part of the research projects, they do have access to certain information.

Additionally, IBM is working to bring in a wider range of industries when it comes to their research. By bringing in more companies from a variety of sectors, IBM gains access to their insights, can learn about their pain points, and discover details about their technology goals. Further, this can give IBM access to more data, ensuring they have high-quality information.

While the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab is relatively new (it will celebrate its second anniversary in September 2019), IBM hopes that it will help advance AI and create new systems and solutions that can benefit businesses and consumers thanks to the various partnerships.


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