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How Has AI Transformed the Workplace in 2019?

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How Has AI Transformed the Workplace in 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing various aspects of the workplace. The technology has the ability to handle a range of repetitive (and often tedious and time-consuming) tasks with a high level of precision, giving employees the chance to concentrate on activities that are more engaging or require a higher degree of creativity. This creates a more productive environment, resulting in gains for the company and the worker. 

There is a broad selection of AI tools available today. Here’s a look at how some of them have been changing aspects of the workplace in 2019. 

Streamline Hiring Processes 

In many cases, filling a vacant position takes a lot of time and effort. It can also be very frustrating, especially if a company is struggling to secure top talent. 

With the right AI tools, the hiring process can be streamlined. For example, some can scour a company’s previous job postings and make recommendations to help create new ones that are more appealing to candidates. There are AI solutions that can automate candidate screening and interview scheduling as well. 


Eliminate Repetitive Administrative Tasks 

Certain AI solutions can handle a variety of administrative tasks. For example, an AI-supported personal assistant can review meeting participant calendars, select potential dates and times, send out meeting requests, and even handle rescheduling and cancelations if needed. There are AI also solutions that have the ability to transcribe and distribute meeting minutes, some of which can even align the text with audio and make everything searchable. 


Support Internal Employees 

Chatbots have become increasingly popular for customer service, but the same technology can also be very beneficial internally. Supported by AI, bots can be created to answer a range of common questions employees may have, allowing them to turn to the technology first when they need assistance. 

For example, a chatbot could be created that answers FAQs about employee pay and benefits. If the worker can find the information they need through the bot, they won’t need to interrupt the flow of an HR professional’s day. However, if the chatbot can’t answer their question, the AI solution can route the inquiry to the right HR team member, ensuring it is addressed promptly. 


Assist with Communication 

With the right AI tools, meetings between individuals who speak different languages can be streamlined. The AI can offer translations in near-real-time, ensuring both parties in online conference calls or messaging programs can communicate efficiently. 


Identify Security Risks 

AI technologies have the ability to monitor systems for abnormal activity. This unusual activity can include actions made by employees that may indicate the presence of an insider threat as well as intrusions from outside of the network. If an issue is spotted, the AI can alert the appropriate tech team. Then, they can intervene accordingly, often at a speed that is far quicker than if they had to scan for threats personally. 


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