Friday, Aug 24 2018

How CIOs Can Boost Productivity in IT

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As technology becomes increasingly ingrained in companies operating in nearly every sector, IT departments are no longer just supply and troubleshoot various forms of equipment. Now, they are active players in selecting and crafting solutions that can improve operations in every business area, fundamentally changing the function of many tech roles.


The increasing levels of involvement and responsibility mean CIOs need their IT departments to be as productive as possible. At times, this requires a significant cultural shift, and that can be difficult to implement.


Luckily, there are things CIOs can do to boost productivity in IT. If you are ready to take on the challenge, here’s how to get started.


Make Change Part of Your Culture

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, but people aren’t always quick to embrace change. After all, change can be scary, even threatening, leading many IT professionals to resist implementing something new unless it is absolutely necessary.


However, this resistance to change can stymy productivity. It can cause unnecessary delays at critical junctures, slowing the progress of the team or the organization as a whole. Instead of allowing this attitude to permeate in your IT department, work to create a change-oriented culture.


Typically, this involves focusing not on the technology being added or adjusted, but the larger company goals. Discover what benefits the users and IT team will experience once the solution is identified and implemented, relate it to the business objectives, and use that to highlight the value of embracing that particular change.


Additionally, embrace the notion that IT can be a proactive part of the equation and not just a provider of requested technology. When a department requires a new solution, they may only have a general idea of what they genuinely need to be successful. Instead of allowing your tech pros to wait for others to define the desired technology, have them get involved in the conversation to help identify the requirements and locate viable solutions. This allows them to be a driving force behind beneficial change instead of a casual participant.


Locate the Right Candidates

When you need to add someone to your IT team, it’s wise to seek out those who are passionate about the field and excited about discovering new solutions. Then, give them opportunities to handle challenges, innovate solutions, or explore emerging technologies.


While you might not be able to make that the entirety of their job, by allowing them to explore the world of tech during projects, you help nurture their curious natures. This can make it easier for them to embrace change and to create a culture where introducing something new isn’t scary but invigorating.


Ultimately, by finding talented job seekers that aren’t afraid of change in the workplace, you can increase your odds of building a culture that supports the shifts that are necessary for your business to thrive. If you are looking for a skilled tech professional to join your staff, the professionals at The Armada Group can help you find the ideal candidate quickly and efficiently. Contact us to discuss your hiring goals today and see how our services can benefit you.