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Google's Guide to Remote Work

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Working remotely comes with a unique set of challenges. Since at least one of the employees won’t be spending a lot of time with their coworkers in the office, portions of the team may struggle to bond with one another. This can make collaboration trickier and may harm communication, both of which can hinder the group’s overall productivity.

However, even if working remotely isn’t always easy, there are ways to improve the connection between team members. Not only can this boost morale but it can also lead to higher productivity, making the experience more enjoyable and leading to better results.

If you want to make sure remote work benefits the workplace, here are some tips Google shared to increase your odds of success.

Encourage Casual Conversation

The occasional non-work-related chat can go a long way when building relationships between coworkers. Google recommends starting meetings with open-ended questions that get people talking about something other than the task at hand. For example, asking everyone what they did over the weekend could help everyone get to know each other.

However, also creating other spaces for casual conversation can be wise. If you use collaboration software or have email, then coworkers can reach out to each other directly. If you are a manager, let them know that some informal discussions are fine as long as they don’t interfere with productivity and the topics are suitable for the environment.


Establish Guidelines

Not all remote employees will live in the same time zone as their office-based counterparts. When that is the case, setting guidelines regarding when to schedule meetings and boundaries about when it is or is not acceptable to contact a remote worker are musts.

Managers should speak with each member of their team to discuss when are the best times for meetings and collaborative discussions. Similarly, they need to determine when it is or isn’t okay to call a remote worker for their input, especially if they don’t have core working hours to which everyone can refer.


Schedule Face Time

Communicating solely in writing isn’t ideal for bonding. Instead, remote team members should be engaged at least occasionally using an approach that allows them to see their manager and coworkers.

Whether this involves video chat software or flying them in a few times a year for critical meetings, allowing everyone to see one another regularly can help them craft stronger relationships. Plus, when everyone can watch the facial expressions of other participants, misunderstandings about what is being said or the intended tone may be less likely than when the same sentiments are shared in writing (which can be very ambiguous).


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