Tuesday, Sep 05 2017

Do You Have the Skills to Build a Bot?

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Chatbots offer a significant amount of potential in the business world, leaving many tech professionals wondering if learning to craft these unique pieces of software is a wise career move. While asking simple questions like, “How can I help you,” seems simple on the surface, the underlying code is actually incredibly complex.


Bots have to be able to recognize nuances in language and adjust their analysis based on context. They also have to learn to filter out space fillers like “um” and “uh” and remove pauses to get an accurate picture of what is being said.


If you are interested in building bots professionally, here are the skills you need to succeed.


A Variety of Programming Languages

Unlike some other forms of software, bots usually require a large number of programming languages to operate properly. IT workers will need to be familiar with a vast array of options including options like PHP, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, jQuery, Node.JS, Jabberwocky, Python and more. Which ones should take priority depend on the platform upon which they are built, which can vary from business to business.


Similarly, an understanding of Android and iOS can be important for creating mobile device compatible offerings.


Willingness to Learn

Since bots are relatively new entries in the tech space, very few professionals possess all the skills necessary when they are hired. Companies are interested in finding workers who not only have a strong foundation of technical competencies, but also a willingness to learn on the job.


Being a strong learner with an inquisitive mind and curious spirit can be quite attractive to hiring managers filling positions associated with the creation of bots, so showing you have the right combination of soft skills to fill in the blanks and solve problems can put you ahead of the competition.


Linguistics and Psychology

Part of the challenge behind bot creation is understanding how conversations unfold. Having knowledge in areas like linguistics can help you create more natural interactions, making the bot seem more engaging and well-rounded. Understanding the mechanics behind human speech is also critical, as poorly formed responses can leave a negative impression.


It is also important to understand the psychology behind customer interactions and how they value their relationship with the company. There’s more to dealing with an upset client than simply solving their problem, as language choice and the quality of the interaction can affect their overall perception of the encounter and ultimate level of satisfaction.


Currently, there are no formal educational programs focused specifically on the creation of bots. This means many companies aren’t finding what they need, giving you the opportunity to adjust your skill set to meet the demand increases that are based on this emerging technology.


If you are interested in exploring opportunities as a bot programmer or are simply seeking a new IT position in any specialty, the team at The Armada Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to schedule some time with one of our recruitment specialists and see how our services can help you find your next opportunity.