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What It Takes to Be a Successful IT Leader

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What it Takes to Be a Successful IT Leader

Being an IT leader starts with technical competence. Without question, if you don't understand the technology, you can't make informed decisions and persuade a team that you've chosen the right course of action. But leading isn't just about making technical decisions. It's about working with the people above you and below you, and guiding them and the project to a successful conclusion. That requires a whole set of skills that go beyond the ability to program.

Technical Vision

Understanding the details of how to implement a particular technology on a specific project is important for individual developers. For IT leaders, understanding the general capabilities of a technology and how it can be applied to the benefit of the business is more important.

Business Insight

Using technology to achieve business objectives requires understanding those business objectives. The more the IT leader understands the business mission and operational processes, the better they'll be able to direct applications development to address important business problems.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

IT project leaders need to be able to talk persuasively with several very different sets of people. They need to speak with management and business staff who are concerned that the project is on budget and on schedule, and that it will deliver features that help the business succeed. They need to coordinate with parallel organizations, such as operations and support, to make sure the application will be supported and effective once it's deployed. And they also need to speak with their team of developers, who want to work with appropriate technology on a realistic schedule.

Team Building

Because IT leaders are not doing the hands-on development work, one of their most important responsibilities is to build an effective team that does do that hands-on work. This includes hiring the right people, and ensuring that the team uses a good development methodology, and helping team members develop the skills that let them take on additional responsibilities.

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