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Using Social Media to Succeed in IT

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Using Social Networking to Succeed in IT

Social media has revolutionized the way that people interact. It helps to form our opinions, share information, and – possibly the most crucial – changes the way we conduct business. While many initially assumed MySpace would disappear into the abyss of tech fads, it gave way to Facebook, followed by a rash of different flavors of social media for different purposes. In today’s world, companies cannot expect to excel in the business world without having a platform to interact on social media.

And neither can candidates.

Facebook might be a great place to post cat memes and baby pictures, but it’s also increasingly common to use it as a news source. Some very widespread companies (PCMag, for instance) disseminate a wide variety of content, which allows users to stay abreast of current developments.

For those who find Facebook a little too personal for professional purposes, LinkedIn serves an entirely different community, as it’s aimed towards professionals. This filters the lion’s share of political and religious discussions, fighting over the greatest video game-du-jour, and the endless stream of alternately hilarious and atrocious material. LinkedIn allows users the opportunity to receive relevant news and blogs which cater towards a user’s preferences. It also allows users to join industry-specific groups, where you can both read, post, and interact with best practices and relevant information in your chosen career path.

But perhaps the most notable feature of LinkedIn is developing a network for career opportunities. LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to find and be contacted by recruiters, and using your profile to list achievements, skills, and work history is a great way to get noticed by recruiters and industry leaders alike.

Finally, SpiceWorks is one of the best methods to really showcase your talent. SpiceWorks is a social media designed specifically with the IT specialist in mind. It allows a user the ability to communicate with high-level facets of a job, help and learn about projects, and interact with others in the IT community.

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