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Top Skills for Android and iOS Engineers

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The global popularity of mobile continues to rise. More online traffic now comes from mobile devices than desktops, and the usage of mobile is projected to continue increasing as device technology spreads and advances. Of course, this means more employers are looking for IT pros who specialize in mobile engineering — particularly iOS and Android, the top mobile platforms.

Are you looking for a career in mobile software engineering? Here are the top skills and qualifications you should invest in to land a great job as an Android or iOS engineer, app, or web developer.

Education requirements for Android and iOS engineers

The requirements for education in this field vary from employer to employer, but experts suggest that educational requirements are becoming stricter as the economy recovers and competition for IT positions increase. In general, the preferred education levels for iOS and Android careers are either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in computer science or related fields.

Experience is also a major factor for mobile software engineers. For senior developer and engineer positions, employers typically look for a bachelor’s degree with seven years of experience, or a master’s degree with five years of experience.

Top technical skill requirements for iOS and Android engineers

While most employers have specific platform and programming language skills in mind for a given position, a well-rounded skill set increases your chances of landing a great job as a mobile engineer. Both Android and iOS engineer jobs require solid full stack skills, as well as a strong understanding of web and cloud technologies. Some of the most common cloud and web technologies that employers desire for mobile engineers include J2EE, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Amazon AWS.

Top desired hard skills for Android engineers may also include:

  • Experience working with open source technologies or Microsoft / .Net stacks, depending on the systems used by the employer — stack experience should include front end, web server, and database skills
  • Java development skills
  • Experience in developing applications for Android, with a strong understanding of the platform’s user interface (UI) design patterns
  • Unit testing and debugging skills

For iOS engineers, some of the top desired hard skills include:

  • Open source or common proprietary technology stack skills (Microsoft, .Net), depending on the employer’s preferred systems
  • A well-rounded understanding of the entire iOS codebase
  • Skills and/or experience with multiple programming languages and technologies

Desired soft skills for Android and iOS engineers

There are any number of job candidates who meet the requirements for technical skills when it comes to iOS and Android mobile engineering positions, so your soft skills will often make the difference in being hired for the job you want. The top soft skills employers look for in job candidates are similar for both Android and iOS developer positions, and include:

  • The ability to generate code quickly and efficiently, with relatively few bugs
  • Creativity, focus, and self motivation
  • Desire to keep up with the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in mobile development and apply trends to current projects
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to work well in a team environment
  • A drive for learning and continuous improvement

Most importantly, employers are looking for Android and iOS engineers who are passionate about their work — with enthusiasm, strong attention to detail, and a dedication to providing exceptional user experiences through mobile application development.