Friday, May 29 2015

Top 10 Topics for IT Leaders to Keep in Mind

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10 topics it leaders

There is no shortage of change in the IT industry. Leaders can find themselves pulled in multiple directions if they try to follow every development, blog and press release. Here are a few topics that are worthy of your attention.

Cloud Technology

IT leaders must decide how to best use cloud technologies in their organization. Users want to access their data from anywhere and across multiple platforms. Balancing benefits with security is an area of great concern, especially when employees may want to use the cloud to access files from home at work and vice versa, increasing your organization's risk and exposure.

SaaS and SDN

How can you best implement Software as a Service (SaaS) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in your organization to access and manage applications? What benefits and risks do they bring to your organization?


The dwindling supply of IPv4 addresses has been an area of concern for IT professionals for several years. IPv6 is commonly considered to be the solution. Are your systems ready for this protocol if the need arises?


As access to tablets, smartphones and other mobile platforms increases, the need to develop software that operates cross-platform grows. What plans do you have to manage your mobile infrastructure, monitor it and provide for expansion and security?


Increasingly, employees want to bring their own devices from home to the office. Decisions must be made regarding what access the employees will have to your network and other internal resources. Analyze the risks of exposure with the rewards of having more comfortable and engaged employees.

Internet of Things

Nothing will keep your IT administrators up at night more than the Internet of Things. With the proliferation of Internet-enabled and connected devices, how can you manage risk and reduce exposure?

Big Data

Organizations collect data from a variety of sources. But that data must be segmented and analyzed to be useful. Do you have the applications and infrastructure you need to make the most of collected data?


Famously Al Capone once said that he robbed banks because that's where the money is. That is no longer necessarily the case. Personal information is the new currency and hackers have the knowledge and determination to obtain it. How can you protect your data?


Employees are bringing their own devices. Applications are moving to the cloud. Cybercrime is on the rise. Each of these creates security risks. What strategies can you develop to keep your organization safe and anticipate other areas of concern?

Privacy and Regulation

IT leaders are expected to put systems in place to protect privacy of users and remain compliant with regulations. The challenges lie in the variety of regulations you need to keep up with and the many areas where systems can be breached.

As an IT leader, it falls on you to keep your organization's technology up-to-date, secure and seamlessly integrated. Keep these topics in mind when considering where to concentrate your efforts.