Wednesday, Jul 31 2013

How Employers Can Use Social Media

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Most employers are past the point of weighing the pros and cons of joining Facebook. These days, they know that utilizing social media is a smart and essential strategy for building and growing a business, making new contacts, and staying ahead of the competition. If you use the Internet and technology in your business and workplace—and who doesn't these days? —then social media platforms are one of your greatest allies.

It’s Not the Number of Fish—it’s the Quality of the Water

Many employers assume that social media strategy is all about simple mathematics. Do you have more “likes” than your competitors? How many followers do you have on Twitter? The truth is, numbers matter very little if there isn't true engagement from those liking and following you, and the most reliable way to ensure engagement is to give your social media contacts something worth their time and attention.

Are you providing potential customers with meaningful, ongoing content via Facebook or Twitter? Do you interact across social media platforms in ways that spark conversation? Are you actively listening to, learning from, and participating in online conversations? If you don't have at least one employee (or, if you have a large company, a team within your organization) tasked with keeping your social media presence fresh, interesting, and real, your online relationships will suffer.

It's Not Who You Know

Actually, it is. Social media platforms can dupe employers into believing that these sites are just free, virtual billboards that can be clogged up with advertising. Don't be fooled. Utilizing social media to its fullest potential requires even more care and expertise than traditional marketing.

A buckshot mentality is even less likely to work on a social media platform, because everyone is suspicious of a business that dominates social media space. To create a personable brand, offer a voice on social. Let your audience know there is a person behind the logo. Build a positive reputation by showing your passion and expertise for what you offer.

The best rule of thumb is to be the kind of business you would want to interact with online. From friends on Facebook to followers on Twitter to pinners on Pinterest, everybody is looking for some authenticity in this competitive market.

Don't Hire the Tailors Who Made the Emperor's New Clothes

One of the most valid and useful ways employers can benefit from social media is with more informed hiring and recruitment. It used to be that a resume and a couple of phone calls were all you had to go on to determine whether a candidate would be a good fit. These days, almost everyone has an online profile in at least one, if not many, online platforms. Do some research to find out if this person's claims are legitimate and if they would be a good fit for your organization? You can bet they're doing the same about you.

These suggestions just scratch the surface of how social media, if used properly and consistently, can strengthen your businesses. Jump in and get started. The results are worth it.

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