Wednesday, Aug 21 2013

4 Ways to Revive Your Flagging IT Job Search

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Searching for a job is a job in and of itself, and it can be frustrating when the one measurable goal – landing rewarding employment – is still out of reach after applying yourself again and again. When looking for someone to hire you, it seems the decision is out of your hands, but there many aspects of the job search that are under your control. Here are a few ways you can work a little smarter to secure the job you want.

Resurface and Rethink

When diving after every possible position in your field, you’ll need to come up for air once in awhile. Take the time to give yourself a bit of a break – but a meaningful one. Remind yourself of prior successful projects. Recall the rough spots and what got you through them. Reflect on your vocation; your choices in education, training, and other experiences; and the efforts you invested to become knowledgeable, qualified, and resourceful.

Once you break away from making a job title your identity, think about what you really want from your next position. What’s the ideal direction for your career? To keep your goals in sight, make sure the water’s no longer cloudy with discouragement and desperation before you dive back into the job search.

Plan on It

You know who you are, and you have a definite goal. Now, develop a strategy. Treating the process as a project will allow you to remain objective. Break down your big-picture vision into smaller steps, and give yourself ways to measure your progress. For example, you may want to research a networking group online, and give yourself a deadline for deciding whether or not to join. The clearer you are about search-related tasks, the less mental clutter you’ll have.

Connect More

There are more ways to network than ever before. Make sure those in your immediate circle know you’re looking, but don’t stop there. Explore the possibilities for professional interaction online – niche sites for your field, groups on LinkedIn, forums on sites related to your occupation – and check into local groups that meet regularly. Volunteering is another great way to expand your circle, but make sure to choose a cause and an activity that genuinely interests you.

Sharpen Your Tools

Apply your new outlook to your core search implements. Refine your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to reflect your passion, experience, and insight. Use features on LinkedIn creatively, and share your profile link on other social media sites when appropriate.

Like any project, a job search is done best when you’re thinking clearly. Keep yourself on a regular schedule, and put your skills and experience to work on focused tasks. This will help you move forward and stay in control of your best job search asset: a positive attitude.

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