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Thursday, Dec 02 2010

New Articles from Armada – Data Center Journal and VMBlog

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We have had a busy couple of weeks at Armada. In the past two weeks, we have published a couple of interesting articles on upcoming trends in cloud computing. Below is a quick recap with links to the full publications:
  • Open Source in the Cloud (Data Center Journal): In this article, my colleague, Haresh, and I explored a growing trend toward open source cloud solutions. One of the most important ways that the open source movement is fueling and accelerating the growth of cloud computing is found in the community-building component. This open source community element has inspired technological and business model innovations across a spectrum of industries and professional service providers.
  • The Armada Group: 2011 – PaaS Gains Traction (VMblog): In this article, I looked into my crystal ball and made some predictions about what changes we might see in the realm of cloud computing in 2011. I am predicting that PaaS will gain traction this coming year within Enterprise level clients, who are primarily attracted to PaaS because of its complete abstraction, cost savings, faster time to market and better security.

Take a look at the articles and let me know what you think. Do you see additional advantages or disadvantages to cloud open source and PaaS?