Thursday, Jul 24 2014

It’s Time for a Resume Makeover

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 Its Time for a Resume Makeover

Resumes are one of the most important documents in your life. No, you’ll never be able to use it to prove your residency or citizenship status, but a resume can help you land the job of your dreams, or it can cause a tenured expert to miss out on a great opportunity. Hence, its value is directly proportionate to your future employment (and income!). Because of its level of importance, here are the top three reasons for a resume makeover:

1. Clear vision.
Having skills in the past is great – but they’re in the past. On your resume, it’s important to show a vision for the future, complete with readily identifiable intent. Your resume should outline how previous roles developed you as a candidate for the position you’re shooting for. Having a strong previous work history is great, but knowing how it prepared you is even better.

2. Use keywords.
 In the same manner that SEOs use keywords to keep a website near the top of search engine results, many recruiting systems like ATS (Applicant Tracking System) will specifically search for targeted keywords. Some of them are obvious – but some of them are not. Use industry-specific keywords to the career you’re aiming for, and make sure they flow smoothly within the context of the sentences.

3. Insert metrics.
Being proficient in something is good. Comparing it on a level of skill is even better. Stapling it to quantifiable, hard data is best. For example, being a Java Developer is great, but there are thousands of Java developers. Find a specific metric (increased proficiency by X%, produced Y program in Z amount of time) and drive the point home. Demonstrate a specific outcome on a certain project, and it will make for a much larger impact.

One of the difficulties for resumes among recruiters is that there are so many. Recruiters sort through dozens, sometimes hundreds, for a single position. From the candidate’s perspective, the trouble lies within giving an entire job history on a single sheet of paper, or two at most. Follow these three tips, however, and it will help you land your next career opportunity.

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