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Wednesday, Oct 20 2010

Insight on Cloud Migration from Armada’s Vasa Dasan

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Cloud migration can be a daunting issue for companies with a number of legacy applications. In a recent article titled “Cloud Customers: Don’t Worry About Standards Yet“, Deborah Gage from DevX pointed to Armada’s CTO Vasa Dasan as a key voice of insight on this issue.

The article makes several key points from Dasan and other industry leaders including Gartner and additional cloud solution providers. Dasan’s comments were drawn primarily from a webinar conducted with the cloud hosting company, OpSource, earlier this month. Dasan noted that “Before you leap into the cloud, it’s important to figure out what your goals are and create a step-by-step plan for achieving them”. During the webinar, he went on to outline key components of an effective cloud migration plan.

For more details on ways to use cloud computing to mitigate risks and optimize OxEx and CapEx within your company, on-demand playback of the complete webinar is available now.

Let us know: Are you considering a move to cloud? Do you have a detailed IT plan to make it a reality?