Tuesday, Aug 05 2014

How Hyperconverged Technologies Benefit Lean IT Departments

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Hyperconverged technologies- The new must-have for very lean IT departments

Most small and mid-sized businesses don’t have the budget for large in-house IT departments. Many run with an IT team of five or less, and some outsource their IT functions completely. Part of the reason behind this is the high cost of corporate-level infrastructures required to run a business independent of third-party solutions — investing in private servers, sufficient storage, and a scalable virtualization layer — can add up fast.

But there’s a solution for very lean IT departments in hyperconverged technology. An exciting new development in scale-out computing, these modular systems provide a centralized node containing all the functions of an infrastructure — storage, networking, computing, and virtualization — and are easily scalable by adding more nodes.

A new hyperconverged product from Scale Computing, called HC3, presents a promising and affordable solution for IT departments with zero to five people that allows small and mid-sized business to operate on corporate grade infrastructures.

What is HC3?

Scale Computing’s HC3 is a hyperconverged node intended for very lean IT departments. There are three levels with various capabilities for scaling — the HC3 supports up to 100 VMs, the HC3x can handle up to 200, and the limited introduction HC4000 grows up to 400 VMs and scales up to eight nodes.

The key features of HC3 nodes include:

  • Extremely easy to use, capable of building VMs out of the box within one hour
  • Fully integrated server, storage, and virtualization capabilities
  • Simple, linear scalability through adding nodes
  • Low cost of entry with zero licensing fees and a free year of premium support

The core tenant of Scale is “keep it simple,” and this system reflects ease of use in every aspect. The node includes built-in VM redundancy to protect against disk failure and node or server failure, an intuitive user interface, and live migration for rolling updates that upgrade one node at a time, with no downtime.

Storage and pricing

With the HC3 system, storage is streamlined and centralized. Each VM has access to the entire storage pool, so there’s no need to specify separate storage for HBAs or iSCSI targets. Each node has four or eight drives with sizes that are customized according to your business needs.

With regard to pricing, at an entry-level list price of around $25,000 for a three-node cluster, the HC3 is much more affordable for small business compared to traditional systems. A full year of premium, 24-7 support is included with the price.

Scale’s HC3 can be up and running in just a few hours, providing professional IT for any size business — even with a zero IT staff. Self-contained hyperconverged technology is an ideal solution for the automated cloud environment businesses are shifting toward — and the affordable price of entry can level the playing field for small and mid-sized companies looking to maximize their IT.

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