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Wednesday, Oct 06 2010

Five Myths on Cloud Computing (Part 5 of 5)

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Today we complete our blog series with:

Myth #5: The biggest cloud vendors are the right cloud vendors
Of course, the best vendor for almost any solution is one that is established and well-tested. However, “cloud” is a hot field. Innovation can come from both the largest vendors or from well-funded and reputable start-ups. A more logical approach is to evaluate the right solutions based on your individual business needs and goals.

The solution that works best for the manufacturing firm across the street may not be right for you. Choosing the correct solution in a “vendor-neutral” way can be the key to really maximizing your return on investment.

The decision on how to best implement cloud computing is an individual one. By spending the time up front on evaluating your company’s business goals and how cloud can help you meet them, your company will be better equipped to avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits that cloud can offer.

About The Armada Group:

The Armada Group is a premier Silicon Valley-based professional services firm that helps companies implement their next generation technology strategy. Armada is focused on helping you determine the potential strategic impact of cloud computing on your business and explore options for current or future shifts in your technology architecture. As an independent, trusted advisor, Armada helps you cut through the hype and confusion surrounding cloud computing and helps create strategize, plan and implement cloud technologies in a way that ensures wise investments with measurable ROI.