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Monday, Sep 13 2010

Five Myths on Cloud Computing (Part 4 of 5)

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As we continue series of posts on common myths on cloud and how they affect your company’s cloud strategy, today we explore:

Myth #4 – Every application should reside in “the Cloud”

While many applications are a good fit for cloud, in general, it is a good fit for applications with a fairly standard and flexible configuration. Those relying on clustered servers, for example, aren’t good fits for cloud environments where they share resources with other customers.

Because a clustered server group requires identical configuration of each server and large dedicated bandwidth among servers, a cloud vendor may not be able to guarantee that specialized configuration as they manage the server loads. Evaluating your business applications up front to choose those that are right for the cloud and those that should remain in house is key to creating a successful cloud migration.

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[Coming next week - Myth #5: The biggest cloud vendors are the right cloud vendors]