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Friday, Aug 20 2010

Five Myths on Cloud Computing (Part 2 of 5)

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Today we continue our series on common myths on Cloud Computing and how they can impact your company’s cloud strategy.

Myth #2 – Cloud Computing necessitates a compromise in security and reliability
Networks long ago ceased to be physically isolated structures. Interconnectivity with other companies and to the Internet guaranteed that even private networks became connected with public infrastructure. The resulting need for the measures required to maintain packet security including firewalls, encryption, Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) remain consistent within leading Cloud vendors.

Additionally, by sharing the costs entailed by providing increased physical security measures such as stringent access control, guard stations, monitored security cameras, alarms, cages, and strictly audited procedures and processes, smaller companies may actually enjoy enhanced security using a reputable cloud vendor.

The cloud can increase cost-effective reliability as well by providing built-in redundancy that scales along with the application and requires no additional capital expenditure. As a company’s server space needs scale in the cloud, their back up scales with them. When servers are shed, the requirement for effective back up can also be downsized. This “pay for only what you need” approach helps ensure that companies do not incur a lag in reliability from the process of scaling their servers.

In fact, once an application is successfully ported to the cloud and integrated with legacy internal systems, the headcount required to maintain that application should significantly decrease, allowing IT asset reallocation to line-of-business projects. Many companies find that eliminating additional initial deployment headcount can be achieved through partnership with a seasoned professional services firm.

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[Coming next week: "Myth #3: Cloud Computing requires a increased headcount and extensive retraining"]