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Wednesday, Aug 11 2010

Five Myths on Cloud Computing (Part 1 of 5)

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Wading through the hype surrounding cloud computing and cloud professional services can be daunting. The challenge is to decide if cloud computing is right for your company and if so, which applications are the best fit for “the cloud.”

One place to begin is by evaluating some common myths about cloud computing. In this series, we will explore five different myths about cloud computing and how they may be negatively impacting your company’s cloud strategy. The complete paper is available for download on Armada’s website.

Myth #1: Cloud Computing will save you money in all cases
While a savings in both capital expenditures (CapEx) and overall operating expenditures (OpEx) cost are a common occurrence in effective cloud projects, one of the true, main drivers for migrating an application into the cloud is that it enables increased business nimbleness. By using the engineering resources of a cloud vendor to manage server infrastructure scaling, a company is able to focus their internal resources more squarely on engineering efforts that differentiate them from their competitors.

[Coming next week: "Myth #2: Cloud computing necessitates a compromise in security and reliability"]