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Do You Have What it Takes to Get a PaaS Job?

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 Do You Have What it Takes to Get a PaaS Job

The hottest trend in computing tech these days is XaaS—(X) as a Service. Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are all variants of cloud computing, where companies don't maintain their own data centers, but purchase as much computing capacity as they need on demand from cloud service providers. Make sure you have these skills to develop a firm foundation for a career in the cloud.

Hands-on Development with Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is changing rapidly, and major companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all have unique cloud computing technical stacks. Developers should have knowledge of one or more vendor's cloud products. Containers are a relatively new development technology for cloud environments, so understanding how to use them will give you an advantage in the job market.

Data Center Management

Even though companies don't own the data center in the PaaS model, they still need to manage their computing environment. A large part of the challenge for companies that use cloud computing environment is automating the deployment of applications and monitoring them when they're running, so solid scripting skills are keys to success in a PaaS career.

Strategic Understanding of Cloud Technology

Companies need architects who can help them plan their cloud computing strategy and develop a migration plan to get them there. Architects need a strategic understanding of all the major cloud technology out there, in order to help companies make the most appropriate technical choices. Architects also need to understand specific business needs, and particularly security concerns, to make sure the recommended architecture will satisfy those requirements.

Security Specialization

Along with the architect, security specialists help companies make decisions about where and how to store and protect critical business data. They implement the necessary identity management, authentication, and auditing systems needed, making use of facilities provided by the cloud environment.

Certified Skills

There are certification programs for Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other vendor cloud computing architectures. Achieving certification will help you convince companies of your competence in this new, dynamic career environment.