Monday, Nov 12 2012

Creating Competitive Advantage with Stronger Staffing Models

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In the fast-paced business climate of Silicon Valley, it’s more important than ever for companies to be able to not only create new and innovative products and services, but to seamlessly deploy these solutions more rapidly than ever. A Booz & Company 2011 survey of the top 1,000 most innovative companies showed that, in contrast to popular belief, spending more on research and development budgets doesn’t stimulate innovation nearly as much as the company’s strategy and internal culture. In fact, 3 out of 4 CEO’s surveyed are planning to make innovation a greater priority this year. For most companies, innovation doesn’t simply mean quickly creating new products or services, but improving internal processes, capabilities, technologies, and organizational structures to foster a more innovative culture.

With CareerBuilder surveys reporting that the current cost of a bad hire is 3 times the candidate’s salary in most cases, it’s important for companies and hiring managers to make smarter hiring decisions and plan their projects more effectively than before. Moreover, the effects of poor hiring decisions can greatly impact morale and culture within a department, creating ripples throughout the organization. Today’s recruiting landscape is challenging – despite the millions of jobs available on job boards nationwide and increased labor pool, there is still an acute shortage of truly qualified, high caliber candidates . Reports and expert analysis consistently show a lack of skilled workers in everything from manufacturing fields to technology. Our research has shown that 25% of CEOs said they were either unable to pursue a market opportunity or had to cancel or delay a strategic initiative because of talent constraints.

It’s no wonder that more than 60% of business owners consider finding and keeping qualified workers as their most significant challenge to growth and survival. Business leaders have to get more creative to effectively staff their most critical projects. In today’s recruiting climate, more companies are turning to On Demand Talent Solutions to meet their critical hiring needs

Companies incorporating this flexible model experience faster deployment and execution of strategies because of the ability to quickly ramp up and scale down as needed. These firms can still attract top tier talent, complete projects effectively, create U.S. jobs, and recruit for a culture fit – without the additional cost and burden that can come with recruiting direct hires for shorter-term requirements

What’s the right blend for your business? Companies use a blend of On Demand Talent, employees, temporary staffing, consulting firms, and other solutions to find their perfect mix of workforce. To truly know what is right for your business, it’s best to start with a consultation to learn what your most cost effective options are. For a limited time, The Armada Group, as a service to our community, is offering free Talent Consultations to help you plan for upcoming projects and develop the workforce you need without the additional cost. Contact Us Today!