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Can Using Apps Improve Your Resume?

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Can Using Apps Improve Your Resume

An updated resume is an important tool for anyone, even if you’re not looking for a job right now. It’s a good idea to keep your resume continually fresh — noting new accomplishments or certifications, updating quantified results, adding portfolio links, and clearing off items that are no longer relevant. You should also have your resume handy and accessible, especially if you’re currently job hunting.

The good news is that you can do all of this right from your smartphone or tablet. Here are five apps that can help you create and maintain a recent, polished resume that’s ready to send or show to prospective employers.

1. Microsoft Word

The overwhelming top choice for resume format is .doc or .docx, which makes Microsoft Word an obvious choice for resume-generating apps. There are two ways to get MS Word on your phone: Microsoft Office Online, which can be accessed through a browser, or Microsoft Office Mobile, a free read-only app that you can use to create and edit documents with an Office 365 subscription ($7 per month).

For most users, the mobile app is the better choice. It’s a slimmed-down version of Word designed specifically for smaller screens, with an intuitive interface and mobile-friendly controls. The best feature of MS Word is the wide selection of resume templates that make resume-building on the go easy.

2. Resume Builder Pro (Android)

This Android app lets you build a resume quickly and easily with a database-driven approach. The app gives you individual sections to populate with information, such as Objective, Skills, and Education, and then generates a clean, professional-looking resume in .docx format — which is emailed to the address of your choice.

Potential drawbacks to this app: You have to move through multiple screens to make minor changes, and any formatting changes you make in Word will have to be re-applied after you edit through the app.

Resume Builder Pro is priced at $4.99 for the Android.

3. Resume Builder Pro (iOS)

While this app has the same name as the Android app above, it’s not the same program — though it does have similar features. Resume Builder Pro / Pocket Resume for the iPhone and iPad also generates database-driven resumes from individual sections you fill in. An extra feature this app includes is the ability to pull and integrate information from your LinkedIn account.

While the app doesn’t generate resumes in Word format, you can export to Dropbox, directly to a printer, or as a PDF to email. Resume Builder Pro for iOS costs $3.99.

4. LinkedIn apps

LinkedIn has become the essential social network for any job seeker. To potential employers, you might seem suspect if you don’t have a detailed LinkedIn profile available. And while LinkedIn offers basically the same information as your resume, but in a different format, you don’t have to write your resume twice to use it.

With LinkedIn’s profile editing interface, you can import an existing resume in a few clicks. The business-oriented social network also offers a suite of free apps to help with your resume and job search, including a mobile LinkedIn interface, Connected, Job Search, Pulse, Recruiter, and SlideShare.

5. LinkedIn Resume Builder

This experimental software from LinkedIn Labs offers to turn your existing LinkedIn profile into a functional resume. The LinkedIn Resume Builder offers a variety of templates, and you can share your resume through an exported PDF or a custom link. You can also edit the resume after it’s generated from your profile.

If you’re already active on LinkedIn and have a detailed profile, this free tool is an easy way to create a professional resume quickly from your computer or mobile device.

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