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Minnie Yuan, Video Test Engineer at Cisco

minni.y.blog .pic For over a year now, Minnie Yuan has been a team member of The Armada Group working as a Video Endpoint Test Engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc.  Prior to working for Cisco, Minnie attended the University of Massachusetts and graduated with a M.S. in Computer Engineering where she began working for High Tech company in Massachusetts.  In 2000, Minnie relocated to California to explore her opportunities in the world-renowned Silicon Valley.  When she reflects on the advantages of the West Coast, she comments, “With so many companies in [the] Silicon Valley, we [engineers] definitely have an advantage with working for different companies with software testing experience and expertise.”  Through Minnie and Armada’s team effort, she was connected to such an experience, and has since enjoyed working with Cisco’s TelePresence System.

Although the Silicon Valley tech job market is hot and the “war for talent” is in full swing, just because your skill set is in demand, there is still no excuse for not being prepared for every interview. If you aren’t willing to do some work up front, don’t bother committing to an interview as it will be a waste of time for you and the person who is interviewing you. Here are 7 tips you must absolutely be mindful of as you start interviewing:
Monday, Jul 09 2012

We Like You! Win a $25 Shell gas gift card!

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The contest is open to anyone in the United States. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

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Monday, Jun 25 2012

Recognizing our Cisco Telepresence Team!

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Armada would like to recognize one of its teams for their outstanding work on an ongoing internal project for Cisco Telepresence Group.

Monday, Jun 11 2012

70 Pounds of Trash!

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Armada’s Second Adopt-A-Beach Clean-up

The Armada team, our families and friends set out this past weekend to clean our adopted beach, Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz. We hit the sand with buckets, gloves and a check list to count how much trash and recycling we picked up. This is our second beach clean-up since we have partnered with the Save Our Shores organization last January.

IT’s a small world after all, and no I’m not talking about my kid’s favorite ride at Disneyland.

It's no news flash that the Silicon Valley IT job market is hot right now.  When Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal are talking about the IT Talent Wars being back “on” in the Silicon Valley, you know we’re currently in a candidate driven market.  Armada’s been seeing a lot of multiple offer situations for higher caliber talent over the last three quarters, and some mild, but not dramatic wage inflation.