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In the Silicon Valley today, we are undoubtedly seeing the “second act” of the mid-to-late 90’s dotcom IT hiring boom, with major technological innovation and investment in cloud, social, mobile, and business services software markets.  The Mercury News reports that venture capital funding in Silicon Valley in Q4 2011, totaled $3.028 billion, with a healthy $1.06 billion invested in the software sector, and $860 million in the business services sector.  Joint Venture Silicon Valley notes a 17% increase in VC investment in cloud computing, medical devices, and clean technology over the last 12 months.  According to the San Jose Mercury News, 2011 represented “the highest level of investment in Internet companies since the dot-com bust” and 2011 Silicon Valley employment was up 3.8% over 2010.

Interview with Jeff Macias a Video Training Expert at eBay

jeff.macias.picture3-e1332190122130-150x150We recently sat down with team member Jeff Macias, a Video Training Expert at eBay, and discussed how he keeps up with the fast paced world of video communications and his thoughts on the future of video education in enterprise companies. Jeff is a recognized expert in the video training field, with his areas of expertise being: Dreamweaver, iMovie, Flash, Photoshop, Audacity, Podcasting, RSS Feeds and HTML. His degree in Radio Television Film and minor in Communications of the Information Age at San Jose State prepared him for the current job he is doing at eBay.

I just finished reading an article in a February issue of Business Journal entitled, “Young Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Lament Talent Crunch”. Armada’s clients, both large and small, encounter the same recruiting and staffing challenges noted in Shana’s article on the young entrepreneurs participating in a recent Stanford Panel discussion. I agree with Corey Resse’s contention that, “Recruiting is the most challenging thing in today’s market. There’s no one silver bullet in this market. Try everything.”  I would add that challenge is not unique to today’s market as it is ALWAYS difficult to find exceptional talent and you should be partnering with the right providers to ensure you are securing extraordinary talent.
Tuesday, Feb 21 2012

From Our Team: How to Thrive in the SCM Field

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Interview with Darrel Strom, a Release Architect in TelePresence at Cisco.

darrel-strom-541x640-253x300We reached out to our team to talk about the current trends in the tech industry and what it takes to be a successful consultant. We sat down with team member Darrel Strom, a Release Architect in TelePresence at Cisco. With more than 30 years of experience Darrel is a recognized guru in software build automation, Software Configuration Management (SCM), and release engineering. He specializes in implementing and configuring SCM tools like ClearCase, Subversion and Perforce to make it easier for developers to check code out, modify and test it to check it back in. He automates build and release processes and integrates these with SCM tools to create easy, reliable, push-button releases.

Armada’s Thought Leader Series: A series of interviews with influential business leaders in Silicon Valley discussing the latest topics and trends in our market.

Last week Armada’s President and CEO, Jeff Tavangar, sat down with Tom Gill to talk about the Cloud hype, vendor choices, and challenges that CIOs face today. In addition, Tom describes in detail where Plantronics is at on the ‘Diffusion of Innovations’ curve and gives insight on how he approaches new business ideas and what resources he uses for new deployments.
A post by James Urquhart titled “What cloud boils down to for the enterprise” prompted some passionate exchanges of opinions. The most interesting between James, Andi Mann (CA) and JP Morgenthal and then I put in AUS$0.02 worth.

The crux of the discussion was around the statement “cloud is an applications centric operations model”. The discussion focused on two different issues;