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Monday, Oct 15 2012

The Bigger Scheme of Things

An inside look at Project Management from Armada team member, Peter Salmon

peter.salmon.blog .pic -150x150Quality, risks, and cost are a few important factors that come to mind when one thinks about project management in the tech industry.  When Armada’s team member, Peter Salmon, reflects on the most important factors of project management, these are not the first aspects that come to mind.  As a Senior Technical Writer in Project Management at Cisco in San Jose, Salmon believes that human factors are the most significant because they can make or break a project.  From his experience, project management is about connecting the pieces and effectively managing the people doing the work to understand the bigger scheme of things. At Cisco, Salmon is currently working on documenting the process of a self-service Web portal.  To document the process of the project, Salmon must first obtain critical information about the procedures of the project.  One of the ways Salmon gets the procedural information is by building rapport with the developers, engineers, and architects.  He explains, “It’s tough.  You need to build rapport and explain what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, why, and how their job is, or is not, going to be impacted.”  With the fear of unemployment within the fast-paced industry, Salmon sometimes finds it difficult to get the answers he needs from personnel.  To obtain necessary information, he also resorts to the Internet.

Job hunting is a hunt. It takes time to read through cryptically written descriptions, lists of technologies, and vague job titles. There are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself and for those of us who are hunting for the perfect candidate, and looking through equally as verbose resumes. Choosing to integrate a few of these tips can answer questions before they are asked and alleviate annoyance.

Minnie Yuan, Video Test Engineer at Cisco

minni.y.blog .pic For over a year now, Minnie Yuan has been a team member of The Armada Group working as a Video Endpoint Test Engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc.  Prior to working for Cisco, Minnie attended the University of Massachusetts and graduated with a M.S. in Computer Engineering where she began working for High Tech company in Massachusetts.  In 2000, Minnie relocated to California to explore her opportunities in the world-renowned Silicon Valley.  When she reflects on the advantages of the West Coast, she comments, “With so many companies in [the] Silicon Valley, we [engineers] definitely have an advantage with working for different companies with software testing experience and expertise.”  Through Minnie and Armada’s team effort, she was connected to such an experience, and has since enjoyed working with Cisco’s TelePresence System.


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Armada would like to recognize one of its teams for their outstanding work on an ongoing internal project for Cisco Telepresence Group.

Monday, Jun 11 2012

70 Pounds of Trash!

Armada’s Second Adopt-A-Beach Clean-up

The Armada team, our families and friends set out this past weekend to clean our adopted beach, Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz. We hit the sand with buckets, gloves and a check list to count how much trash and recycling we picked up. This is our second beach clean-up since we have partnered with the Save Our Shores organization last January.

Thought Leader Series with Treb Ryan, CEO of OpSource

treb ryan opsource400Treb’s perspective on the Cloud hype was fascinating. He had a simple no nonsense approach to explaining it last month when we sat down to discuss current industry trends and how Cloud is affecting businesses.

“First of all not many people even know why it’s called Cloud. When you look at the structure and architecture of the system you realize that it’s because of the way people drew the diagram and the internet was on the top “in the Cloud.”’Simply put . . .  it’s just a term for the internet. He notes that there are a few major key elements to helping deliver the Cloud: Availability, immediacy and expandability.

Discussions about Storage, Consulting Best Practices, and Cloud!

earl1-e1335199610399-191x300Earl has worked with Armada for our client SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC, the makers of PlayStation) for just under a year, and he has an impressive 15+ year background in storage and network, which has given him the opportunity to work at companies such as, Honeywell Aerospace, NetApp, FormFactor Inc., and various positions in IT for the State of California. We caught up with Earl last month to discuss trending topics in storage and NetApp and how his role at Sony CEA is affected by the cloud. In his current role with Armada, he is working for SCEA on performance management and storage.

Interview with Jeff Macias a Video Training Expert at eBay

jeff.macias.picture3-e1332190122130-150x150We recently sat down with team member Jeff Macias, a Video Training Expert at eBay, and discussed how he keeps up with the fast paced world of video communications and his thoughts on the future of video education in enterprise companies. Jeff is a recognized expert in the video training field, with his areas of expertise being: Dreamweaver, iMovie, Flash, Photoshop, Audacity, Podcasting, RSS Feeds and HTML. His degree in Radio Television Film and minor in Communications of the Information Age at San Jose State prepared him for the current job he is doing at eBay.

Interview with Darrel Strom, a Release Architect in TelePresence at Cisco.

darrel-strom-541x640-253x300We reached out to our team to talk about the current trends in the tech industry and what it takes to be a successful consultant. We sat down with team member Darrel Strom, a Release Architect in TelePresence at Cisco. With more than 30 years of experience Darrel is a recognized guru in software build automation, Software Configuration Management (SCM), and release engineering. He specializes in implementing and configuring SCM tools like ClearCase, Subversion and Perforce to make it easier for developers to check code out, modify and test it to check it back in. He automates build and release processes and integrates these with SCM tools to create easy, reliable, push-button releases.