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Lisa Sullivan, COO of The Armada Group, discusses the increasing gap between our education system and US jobs today. She points out that 50% of college graduates are under or unemployed. Watch to find out more!


Many large enterprises and nearly 60% of the Fortune 1000 have turned to VMS (Vendor Management Systems) implementations with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), usually a large national or global staffing firm, to help manage their contingent workforce and supplier base.   While the “cost savings” pitched by the MSP are appealing on the surface, the hidden costs of the implementation are rarely taken into consideration prior to the system being implemented. While these systems can help companies with many aspects of managing their contingent workforce, 63% of companies report a negative or at best neutral experience with the implementation. As most of these VMS programs run by third-party MSP’s, these systems do not have the capability of sorting qualified candidates from unqualified ones to fill the company’s specific requirements. This means hiring managers experience a dramatically increased workload sorting through an abundance of resumes, and dramatically increased time to fill critical requirements. Frequently compounding the problem, many MSP’s rules of engagement don’t allow suppliers to communicate with the hiring managers, leaving suppliers in the dark about valuable feedback necessary to fill the role, and end users continue to be inundated with unqualified candidates.

Job hunting is a hunt. It takes time to read through cryptically written descriptions, lists of technologies, and vague job titles. There are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself and for those of us who are hunting for the perfect candidate, and looking through equally as verbose resumes. Choosing to integrate a few of these tips can answer questions before they are asked and alleviate annoyance.
Monday, Jun 25 2012

Recognizing our Cisco Telepresence Team!

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Armada would like to recognize one of its teams for their outstanding work on an ongoing internal project for Cisco Telepresence Group.