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Careerbuilder released the results of a survey that found
40% of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers in 2013.

Temporary workers have allowed businesses
to meet their labor demands and budget plans.

It remains critical for companies to strategize ways
to control costs and be more agile!

The largest cost for most organizations is their staff.

Utilizing contingent workers can help
employers with their hiring and staffing challenges.

Consider these questions to understand how utilizing a
contingent workforce can help you solve your hiring challenges.

1) What role can temporary workers play at my company?

2) What critical projects are in my annual plan that
require burst capacity?

3) How will temporary workers help me
meet my strategic and tactical goals?

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Jeff, CEO of The Armada Group, lists and discusses,"The Top 4 Skills to Get You Hired in 2013," in his video blog of the week.  With over a decade of experience in the IT staffing industry, Jeff see's a rising trend of the most critical soft skills that employers are looking for.  Amongst his list, includes the need for critical thinking and complex problem solving skills.  To find out more, watch the blog and comment to discuss.


Armada’s clients, both large and small, encounter the same recruiting and staffing challenges as found in Inc.’s 2012 CEO survey, which notes that finding talented workers is the greatest obstacle to company growth.  I agree and would add that the challenge is not unique to today’s market, as it has always been difficult to find exceptional talent.  With the knock-down, drag out competition for talent out there, having the highest caliber recruiting firms working to secure top tier talent for you is absolutely critical.
Although the Silicon Valley tech job market is hot and the “war for talent” is in full swing, just because your skill set is in demand, there is still no excuse for not being prepared for every interview. If you aren’t willing to do some work up front, don’t bother committing to an interview as it will be a waste of time for you and the person who is interviewing you. Here are 7 tips you must absolutely be mindful of as you start interviewing:

IT’s a small world after all, and no I’m not talking about my kid’s favorite ride at Disneyland.

It's no news flash that the Silicon Valley IT job market is hot right now.  When Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal are talking about the IT Talent Wars being back “on” in the Silicon Valley, you know we’re currently in a candidate driven market.  Armada’s been seeing a lot of multiple offer situations for higher caliber talent over the last three quarters, and some mild, but not dramatic wage inflation.

Friday, May 04 2012

Working For Happiness

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I recently finished reading Tony Hseih’s book “Delivering Happiness.” Tony has done an extraordinary job of articulating the importance of challenges and strategies for creating happiness in work. Tony notes that “Without separation of work and life, it’s remarkable how values can be exactly the same.”  Is there really such a thing as work/life balance or is it really just life balance? Life is work .whether work means your career, your job, your hobbies, your family, your relationships .The balance we seek in “work life balance” is really just about being happy in life.