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In my previous post, Cloud Strategy: Stop or you will go blind I mention that strategy is a waste of time and you need to start execution. Fine words, but the next question is inevitable.

How do you get started?

At least some of the common attributes of cloud architectures (NIST Defn V15) are attractive to all IT Service Providers. How do you know what parts of your IT infrastructure should be considered for redeployment on a new architecture.
It's obvious from past posts that I have a issue with traditional linear, cyclic or waterfall methods to implementing change. I promise to get off my consulting soapbox after this postand more onto Cloud specific observations/commentary. About 10 years ago I was involved in alot of activity in “selling without presentations”, which is all about, listening and not talking, knowledge and not marketing, getting to execution quicker. A similar trend needs to take hold in the consulting field. The cost vs. value equation in consulting is imbalanced and it is negatively impacting the ability for enterprises to leverage external resources to tranform IT architectu and adopt the cloud architectural patterns.

“What we need to succeed is a good cloud strategy!”

stop-signIf this is what you are thinking or doing at the moment, then stop! Right now.  The 1990′s called and they want their IT organization back.  As a middle manager I remember sitting in an offsite meeting, with <insert big consulting firm> facilitating a two day workshop on developing our <insert latest fad> strategy. The end result was a magnificent slide deck and a beautifully bound color report.  And then nothing happened. Even worse are the “Assessments” that inspect every detail of your people, process and technology, disrupting business as usually and costing tens of thousands. I am not against collaborative working, workshops or thinking about the future, but there has to be a short-term valuable outcome.

Wednesday, Feb 02 2011

The Fast Track to the Cloud

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In a previous post “Cloud Strategy: stop or you will go blind?” I mention the need to “Start execution. Move forward” in relation to “the cloud”. The challenge for most organizations is;

How ?

Monday, Jan 31 2011

Open Source in the Cloud – Part 1

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The open-source movement is growing rapidly and is having a major impact on the way businesses model their IT strategies. We will examine these impacts over the next several blog posts.

One of the business areas where open source is beginning to have a noticeable effect is cloud computing. Free and open source software (FOSS) is software that is liberally licensed to grant users the right to use, study, change, and improve its design by allowing access to its source code.

I found an interesting post yesterday from Colin Smith on TechRepublic on how Cloud Computing will change the role of the IT professional. He makes some valid points about the rapid shift to the cloud especially for SMB and the impact that shift will have on both the role of the IT professional and the role that IT outsourcing firms play in cloud application migration, development and management.