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Sunday, Sep 04 2011

Competing with AWS

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James Urquhart wrote a piece for CNET on the ability for anyone to catch Amazon’s dominance as a public cloud infrastructure provider. Full respect from James and his words are insightful from a technological and functional requirements perspective. From a business success perspective I think it has some limitations. Volume has its place, but it is not the sole indicator of leadership.
Tuesday, Aug 30 2011

Its Getting a Little Less Cloudy

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microsoft-cloud-computingIs it just me, or is the fog lifting on cloud computing*

At the peak of the hype curve, the statements were;
  1. Don’t have to worry about  (monitoring, operations, power, cooling, servers, infrastructure etc.. etc..)
  2. Infinite scalability and high availability
  3. Infrastructure is a commodity
Monday, May 23 2011

The Next Wave of Cloud Computing?

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In recent weeks at conferences and the like I have had the opportunity to talk with a number of cloud product and service providers about customer discussions. My questions were more related to the frame of mind of customers (CIO’s and decision makers) and whether they viewed Cloud as a “big lever” to pull.
Tuesday, May 10 2011

Take Aways from @Redhat Summit

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Last week at RedHat Summit (presos, webcasts here) reinforced some of my views on RedHat. Although not the most prominent vendor in the cloud marketing media, they have not been sitting around. From Jim Whitehurst’s keynote, to the range of sessions on IaaS and PaaS, it’s clear the strategy is picking up momentum. With enterprise adoption of “cloud architectures” said to be ramping up in the next 24 months. The timing appears to be good.
Wednesday, Apr 27 2011

Importance of Many Clouds

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Looking forward to the Redhat Summit next week in Boston with a theme of “Platform, Middleware, Virtualization, Cloud”. The cloud market is dominated by a lot of startups, with some goliath size companies still waiting in the wings. Depending your point of view, they are either lumbering dinosaurs unaware of the next evolutionary shift, or if you are like me, I think they are poised to strike.

Saturday, Apr 23 2011

April 21: In 2 Bullet Points

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There is so much posted on the AWS outage in the north east.. Some great detailed blogs on designing high availability for the cloud, some people who survived, and the modern equivalent of CNN moments for those who didn’t, why this was the app owners fault and not amazon and vice versa.. As always, there is alot of fluff around the cloud. Who is at fault and who is to blame ? Is the cloud a failed concept? Hyped up load of bollocks.