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616674 CTD The Armada Group VPN is Dying This is a Safer Approach to Network Security 010320


For decades, virtual private network (VPN) technology has been safeguarding company networks. With VPN, remote employees can only access network resources through a secure tunnel, an approach that was once the epitome of safety.

However, VPN may be dying, at least on the corporate level. Enterprises are shifting toward a newer approach to network security, one that is better equipped to handle the challenges of increasingly digital businesses.

If you’re wondering what is poised to take the place of VPN and why, here’s what you need to know.

616674 CTD The Armada Group Take Your Cyber Security Career to the Next Level 010320


Cyber security professionals have been in-demand for some time, and that trend is unlikely to change any time soon. Companies need to defend their networks, data, tech, and other assets from hackers. Without IT security experts on staff, that is a tall order.

While this means that many cyber security pros can land lucrative positions, that doesn’t mean your career will reach the next level. It’s still wise to up your cyber security game, ensuring you stand out from others looking for jobs in the field.

If you want to elevate your cyber security career, here are some tips that can help.

Ready to Become a Security Analyst Here are the Skills You Need


Social media is highly ingrained in the world of business. Many companies use the platforms to advertise their offerings, connect with customers, and locate candidates for open positions.

As with all forms of technology, social media isn’t stagnant. New trends emerge regularly. If a company wants to stay ahead of the competition, then they need to remain informed of what is on the horizon and embrace the right options early.

If you want to know what social media trends you should expect to have an impact this year, here are a few that need to be on your radar.

616674 CTD The Armada Group Enhance Your Coding Speed for Java with These Tips 010319


Most Java developers focus on creating functional code. However, writing clean, concise code is also critical, ensuring you can remain productive and that the end results are ideal.

Boosting your code speed often means using new approaches. If you want to make sure you can create fast code while ensuring it works, here are some tips that can help.

616674 CTD The Armada Group What Ransomware Might Look Like This Year 010319


Ransomware attacks can happen at any company, big or small. And the threat is increasing. The number of ransomware threats grew faster than any other, and it’s also the most reported kind of incident.

By understanding what these cybersecurity threats may look like in 2020, you can take steps to protect your organization from those who would employ such tactics against you. With that in mind, here’s a look at what ransomware might look like this year.

616674 CTD The Armada Group Get Ahead in Your Tech Career with These Soft Skills 010320


Technical expertise is certainly a necessity in IT. Without the right hard skills, you won’t excel in your career. However, technical prowess alone isn’t enough if you genuinely want to thrive. You also need specific soft skills that can augment your technical ability and ensure that you can be an effective, efficient member of an IT team.

Hiring managers are increasingly looking at the soft skills candidates bring to the table, as well. Falling short of their expectations could mean missing out on an exceptional opportunity. Luckily, by knowing which ones are essential, you can make sure to develop the soft skills you need and showcase your capabilities in those areas.

If you want to get ahead in your tech career, here are the soft skills that you simply must have.