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10 Tips to Improve Your Technical Writing

Whether your official job title is “technical writer” or you need to handle some technical writing as part of your duties, improving your skills is a smart move. By enhancing your capabilities, you can become a more valuable employee, stand out from the crowd, and more easily advance your career. If you want to know how you can improve your technical writing, here are ten tips that can help you achieve that goal.

The Influence Technology Has on Social Media Platforms

Social media is increasingly ingraining itself into the culture. For many, spending time on various platforms is part of everyday life, and many even turn to social media for professional reasons, including building a network and finding new opportunities or job candidates.


While social media platforms are certainly responsible for their popularity, other technologies are also influencing that landscape. Not only has tech allowed social media to become more popular, but it is also affecting how the platforms grow and change. Here’s a look at how technology impacts social media.

Wednesday, Nov 20 2019

What Every iOS Developer Should Know

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What Every iOS Developer Should Know

Whether your goal is to launch a career as an iOS developer or you are already working in the field, having the right skills is critical. Today, app developers are in demand. However, those with strong skills in certain areas will often stand out from the crowd, allowing them to start or further their careers with greater ease.


If you are a current or aspiring iOS developer, here’s a look at the skills you need if you want to thrive in these roles.

Friday, Nov 15 2019

Where is DevOps Headed for 2020?

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Where is DevOps Headed for 2020

With every passing day, 2020 gets a little bit closer. Many professionals and companies use this time of year to look toward the future, often attempting to predict what is on the horizon. In the world of DevOps, 2020 has the potential to bring some major advancements. At times, this includes broader implementation of current trends. In others, it’s more closely related to new emerging technologies.


If you want to plan for where DevOps is headed in 2020, here’s what should be on your radar.

5 Ways You Can Spark Creativity in The Workplace

Creativity is incredibly valuable in the workplace. Creative-thinking can assist with problem-solving and lead to greater levels of innovation, both of which benefit companies and their employees alike. Plus, when creativity is welcome, engagement typically rises. Workers are empowered to explore interesting ideas, new methods, and potentially unconventional approaches, boosting morale and leading to a positive culture.


If you want to spark creativity in the workplace, there are things you can do to help. Here are five options that can get you started.

8 Skills That Make Up a Great Technical Writer

Technical writers have a unique skill set, allowing them to create effective documentation for various tech products that is simultaneously thorough and concise. In order to be a great technical writer, bringing certain skills to the table is a must. Here are eight skills you need if you want to shine in this field.