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Tuesday, Jun 03 2014

4 Best Business Features of iOS 8

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Apple has released its new mobile software, and it’s a pleasant surprise that this is much more geared towards enterprise than previous releases.  Apple has always been prone to follow consumer, rather than business, demands – but this has placed it in a precarious position, because consumers modify the phone and use it for business as well. Now, the business-oriented features make the iPhone an automatic win, regardless of the purpose. Here are the 4 best business features of iOS 8:

1. Better MDM support.
This is by far the most applicable for business users, as many IT departments have difficulty supporting iPhones (and some don’t support them at all). Some of the new features allow IT admins significantly greater control over permissions, applications, downloads, and restrictions.

2. Enhanced Mail and Calendar.
The new mail app and calendar have both improved by leaps and bounds. Messages now support encryption on a single message, without having to change all the settings. The new calendar app allows users the ability to see busy/free times on colleague’s calendars for easy scheduling, and the mail app includes swiping gestures to quickly change the status of a message, among other benefits.

3.  Integration with iOS X (Yosemite).
The integration between Mac computers and mobile Apple devices is steadily advancing. With the new release, a user can now start an email on a mobile device and finish it on a Mac – or vice versa. It also integrates browsers, several apps, and other features – provided the iCloud account is linked to both devices.

4. Cloud Enhancements.
From an IT admin position, this is the most convenient upgrade for strategic planning. The software upgrade will allow Apple to support different document types, such as PDFs. However, the main benefit is that iCloud Drive will soon support certain third party integrations as well. This will cure a number of headaches and allow businesses a much wider range of options for future projects.

Apple’s new software is definitely poising them to be much more enterprise friendly.  Previous mobile Apple devices were strongly geared towards consumers, but with iOS 8 and Yosemite releases, it is able to compete much more effectively in the corporate market.

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