Monday, Aug 29 2016

8 Apps That Make Business Travel Easy

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8 apps that make

It's tough being away from your home or office sometimes. You don't have your familiar setting, you don't have all the tools you usually use, and you don't have your family and friends around to support you. Here are eight apps that will help you get through your business trips a little easier.

1. TripIt. You’ve got enough to worry about, keeping track of everything you need to do for work. Don't worry about losing your itinerary information; TripIt organizes all the details onto a single calendar.

2. GateGuru. Stop running to catch your flights. GateGuru displays all your flight and gate information, and lets you know when there's a gate change.

3. Uber. There's no more time wasted trying to hail a taxi in the middle of rush hour. Schedule your ride through Uber, and you'll be able to track its arrival.

4. Hotel Tonight. If you have a last-minute change to your travel schedule, Hotel Tonight helps you find an affordable place to sleep.

5. AroundMe. Chances are you aren't familiar with the neighborhood you're traveling to. AroundMe helps you find the shops and services you need, near where you are.

6. RoadTrippers. Like AroundMe, RoadTrippers helps you find services. If you're driving to your destination, enter your route and the app will recommend rest stops along the route.

7. iTranslate. If you need a little help getting your point across in a foreign language, iTranslate can help you out in more than 90 languages.

8. Postagram. Remind loved ones that you love them – no matter where you are. Postagram lets you create postcards from the photos you snap on your phone.

Those apps all help you manage the travel process, and there are dozens more that will help you manage the work and the co-workers you left in the home office. With the help of technology, your business trips can (almost) become pleasure trips.

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