Friday, Jan 20 2017

4 Ways to Make Your Modernized Tech Resume Stand Out

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What makes a great resume isn’t set in stone.  Trends in resume writing and presentation change almost as quickly as hiring trends within the tech community, and staying up-to-date is often a key to job hunting success.  So, if your resume format hasn’t changed since you left college, or even within the past couple of years, then it is definitely time for an overall.


To help you reach resume glory, here are four ways to make your tech resume more modern.

Be a Person

You are more than a set of technical skills and daily tasks, and your resume should reflect that fact.  When you are describing previous experiences, go beyond the basics of what you did to explain how you did it.  How you manage projects and issues on the job gives employers insight into how you work as an individual. So don’t be afraid to include snippets about working with consultants and coworkers to get to the bottom of an issue, as well as other process that helped you succeed.

There’s Now an “I” in Resume

The use of first-person pronouns has been a no-go in resumes for decades, but that sentiment has begun to change.  As with the above tip about being more than just a skill set, occasionally using “I” helps your turn your resume into a story instead of a highlight reel.


However, that doesn’t mean you need to rewrite every sentence to fit the new paradigm.  Instead, consider using first-person pronouns in your professional summary, but leaving the rest of the content more formal.

Discuss Extracurricular Activities that Count

Diversity is a priority in most workplaces, so if you have experience interacting with a diverse group of people through volunteer opportunities, community affiliations, or other relevant experience, consider including it in your resume.  It also provides insights into your personality that may set you apart from more rank-and-file applicants.

Don’t Dwell on the Past

While technical positions require specific skills, resist the urge to list every certification or skill you possess.  Instead, include those that are most relevant to the position, and leave the rest off.  Additionally, if a tool, technique, language, or skills is now considered antiquated, it is better to remove it as well.  Paying homage to the technology of yesterday won’t help in a modern job market, and it may even hurt your chances of being seen as an asset in today’s tech world.


By following the tips above, you can help bring your resume out of the past and into the present (or even the future).  If you are looking for additional resume tips or new job opportunities, The Armada Group has the industry experience to help you move forward.  Contact us and see what our professional recruitment team has to offer.